Women in construction push for more inclusive terminology

Women in construction push for more inclusive terminology

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Software company Bridgit is collaborating with Lora McMillan of the Ledcor Group to encourage the industry to use gender-inclusive language instead of the industry standard: “manpower.”

She got in touch with Lauren Lake, Bridgit’s co-founder and COO, who told her that the company used the term because it is common in the industry. McMillan challenged Lake and the other leaders at the women-owned Bridgit to consider more inclusive alternatives, sparking a call to action that they are taking to the entire industry.

Together, they’re calling on others in construction to use more gender-inclusive language by bringing attention to terminology that leaves women marginalized. 

McMlillan suggests that companies keen on making changes can follow several steps, such as analyzing non-inclusive terms, offering proper training on why these terms aren’t inclusive, and removing them from the company’s vocabulary and lingo. 

There’s also a valid reason for pushing for inclusivity to attract workers, as the construction industry continues to face a labor crisis, and women make up only about 10% of the workforce.

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