Bridgit Bench and Procore integration

Integrate your project pipeline from Procore automatically into Bridgit Bench. Add key project information automatically, cutting down on manual work and focusing on what really matters – managing your team and delivering results for your clients.

Pulling a project from Procore to Bridgit Bench
Procore Integration setup

Bridgit Bench embedded app

Access Bridgit Bench directly in Procore. Manage your resource allocations, forecast project demands, and gain insight into workforce utilization without switching between your project and resource management solutions.

Bridgit Bench + Procore integration highlights:

  • Let workforce data influence your project needs (and vice versa)
  • Maintain a complete picture of your project management processes
  • Simplify your workflow by centralizing data and planning tools

Zoom in and out of your project pipeline

Bridgit Bench empowers you to track as much data as you want while providing a bird’s-eye view of your pipeline. With the Procore integration, you can automatically pull data from Procore directly into Bridgit Bench.

  • Project start and end dates
  • Any project custom fields
  • Any required project roles
  • Dates for project phases

Think big, think bold

With the Bridgit Bench and Procore integration, you’ll have easy access to all the details on your projects and project opportunities. 

Using that data, you can provide meaningful insights to colleagues and business leaders, better manage your team, and become a key pillar of your company’s growth.

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Key benefits of the Bridgit Bench and Procore Integration

Increase productivity

You don’t need to manually add projects to Bridgit Bench. Save time and avoid mistakes instead.

Plan ahead

You can transfer any opportunities you’re bidding on using the Procore integration. That means you can pencil in the perfect team before you even win the project.

Flexible updates

You can choose how often you want your project information updated. Whether it’s every 5 minutes or every 5 days, you decide.

Join the contractor community using Bridgit Bench and Procore.

Automate your resource planning.

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