Track project opportunities in Bridgit Bench

Bridgit Bench creates more meaningful collaboration with your business development team by tracking project opportunities and bids directly in Bridgit Bench using Pursuit Tracking. You can add your entire project pipeline and start planning your project team without impacting your utilization rate.

Projects and project opportunities in a central location

Bridge the gap between you and your business development by tracking your project opportunities in Bridgit Bench with Pursuit Tracking. Bridgit Bench helps general contractors, subcontractors, and self-performing contractors manage all their project bids on the Bridgit Bench platform for a comprehensive view of their projects timeline and workforce allocations.

Quickly analyze your project pipeline with visual cues

Easily differentiate your opportunities from your awarded projects with our visual cues in the Gantt view. You’ll be able to create roles and allocate your workforce the same way as an awarded project.

Change your project status to awarded or lost

Keep a log of your project pipeline by updating the project as the status changes. Bridgit Bench will immediately add awarded projects to your active pipeline, but will also save any lost projects for reference.

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Collaborate with your business development team, track project bids and opportunities, and build a winning workforce strategy directly in Bridgit Bench.

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Todd Wynne, CIO at Rogers-O'Brien

“There is a newdawn of workforce management, combining historical and situational data with experience. Bridgit Bench is your foundation to the future.”

Todd Wynne, CIO at Rogers-O’Brien

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