Remote construction workforce management software

Keep your operations team firing on all cylinders when conducting remote worker management with Bridgit Bench. Enjoy streamlined workforce planning whether you're working from the office, or remotely.

Stay connected to your resource plan while working remotely

Bridgit Bench houses a dynamic Project Gantt view that displays all of your relevant project and allocation information in one single visual – perfect for remote team management meetings.

Stay connected to your resource plan while working remotely

With both web-based and mobile applications updated in real-time, your team can easily track employee quarantine dates, if they’re working on essential sites, and who is willing to relocate to help out with projects in another city or state – all from within our intuitive workforce management software.

Accurate workforce availability, anytime

Customizing people fields and periods of unavailability for your team members within our workforce optimization software will allow you to see who’s working remotely from home, from the site, and who’s temporarily unavailable for work.

Todd Wynne, CIO at Rogers-O'Brien

“There is a newdawn of workforce management, combining historical and situational data with experience. Bridgit Bench is your foundation to the future.”

Todd Wynne, CIO at Rogers-O’Brien

Workforce intelligence for construction

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