Bridgit Bench and Salesforce integration

Integrate your Salesforce CRM with Bridgit Bench to seamlessly import project data. Pull key information at the right time to start working on your resource strategy.

Import your projects at the right time

Our Salesforce integration can be customized to pull project data into Bridgit Bench at any point in the project lifecycle. Whether you’re planning your resources through the bidding stage or waiting until an agreement has been executed, we’ve got you covered.

Customize your integrations

We build custom integrations with Salesforce to suit your business needs. From region and account owner to close date and square footage, any fields you track in Salesforce can be integrated with Bridgit Bench. Click here to learn more about all of our available integrations.

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Key benefits of the Bridgit Bench and Salesforce integration

Improved workflow

Improve your construction project management workflow by eliminating gaps between resource management, design, safety planning, and more.

Faster & more efficient

With essential data always at your fingertips, respond to RFIs and other stakeholder requests faster and more efficiently.

Eliminate double-entry errors

Eliminate double-entry errors by maintaining a single source of truth, improving communication and operational efficiency.

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Automate your resource planning.

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