Bridgit Bench and Zendesk Sell integration

Import awarded projects and project opportunities from Zendesk Sell into Bridgit Bench to optimize the allocation of your workforce and centralize your project pipeline.

Direct data transfer from Zendesk Sell

Forecast workforce demands and manage project allocations using your Zendesk Sell integration.

Track projects and project opportunities in Bridgit Bench

Integrating Zendesk Sell with Bridgit Bench lets you pull key data like safety information and project start and end dates for both your awarded projects and project bids. With the Zendesk Sell integration, you can optimize your project and resource pipeline.

Optimize your workforce strategy

The Zendesk Sell integration lets you centralize all your project information into Bridgit Bench automatically. With increased transparency and more accurate information, you can make better decisions faster.

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Key benefits of the Bridgit Bench and Zendesk Sell integration

Custom cadences

Choose how often information should be synced between platforms based on your best practices.

Cross-team collaboration

Work with stakeholders across the organization to create a more robust workforce strategy.

Bid tracking

Improve people planning by importing ongoing bids and planning workforce allocations before you’re awarded the project.

Automate your resource planning.

See how Bridgit Bench can be integrated with your existing tech stack.

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