Announcing the launch of the Strategic Workforce Plan Report in Bridgit Bench

Announcing the launch of the Strategic Workforce Plan Report in Bridgit Bench

TL;DR – With the new Strategic Workforce Plan Report, Bridgit Bench helps you make better staffing decisions. The report shows you an accurate image of workforce capacity and project demand for both projects and project opportunities, allowing you to filter by role to get granular insights on your workforce needs.

The challenge using Excel to make hiring decisions

If you want to find out how many superintendents you’ll need 6 months from now based on your upcoming projects, Excel gives you two general ways to do it. The first is to calculate the equivalent number of full time superintendents needed by using a long, manual approach of actively changing the formulas in each cell. 

The other option is to build advanced spreadsheet logic, using a combination of dropdowns and SUMIF functions to pull the role-specific information you’re looking for. Pair that up with potentially outdated information elsewhere in your spreadsheet, you’ll be left with a time-intensive, error-prone process that makes it difficult to make quick, confident decisions on workforce needs. 

Bridgit Bench fast-tracks your long-term staffing decisions

Using the Strategic Workforce Plan Report, you get clear insight into your workforce capacity versus your project demand in one, easy-to-read report. The delta shows you the difference between your projected workforce capacity and your workforce needs based on project demands.

The forecast takes into account custom allocation percentages, role-specific start and end dates for project roles, employment dates, and time-off for people titles. And as you make changes to your workforce allocations and project schedules, the report will automatically update to provide you up-to-date monthly forecasts. 

The comprehensive take on resource capacity means the forecast will be accurate.

Experiment and run scenarios to track anticipated project demand

The Strategic Workforce Plan Report shows you the anticipated project demand from the project opportunities being tracked in Bridgit Bench using the Scenario Running feature. You can check to see if you have enough people on your team based on what the project demand could be from your project opportunities. Bridgit Bench also allows you to filter for any combination of project opportunities to get specific insights into workforce impact based on projects you think are most likely to be awarded.

Combined with the Utilization Rate Chart in the Forecasting tab, the Strategic Workforce Plan Report can help you understand both your workforce’s allocations and capacity in relation to project demand. 

How to identify workforce and project gaps using the Strategic Workforce Plan Report: 


Once you navigate to the Strategic Workforce Plan Report, you’ll see the full-time equivalent capacity of your current workforce, and the full-time equivalent needs based on project demand. Project demand is broken down into your active and upcoming projects, and any project opportunities that are being tracked in Bridgit Bench. The delta highlights the difference to show you whether you have an abundance or lack of workforce capacity. 


You can filter on project roles and people titles to get granular with your workforce needs. Finding out how many superintendents you’ll need down the line is as easy as clicking a button.

Step 3: Run scenarios on your project opportunities to analyze workforce impact

Check if you have enough people on your team based on the anticipated demand shown in the Pursuits row under Project demand. Filter for combinations of project opportunities to analyze workforce impact.

Lose the spreadsheets and save big on productivity. With Bridgit Bench, you can make faster staffing decisions through accurate, long-term insights into workforce needs provided by the new Strategic Workforce Plan Report. 

To learn more about the Strategic Workforce Plan for Bridgit Bench and see how it can help your company forecast workforce needs, get a demo from our team. For a full walkthrough of the feature, visit the Bridgit Help Desk.

Akshay Yeleswarapu

Akshay Yeleswarapu is the Senior Product Marketer at Bridgit. Armed with experience coordinating wastewater construction projects and leading product development in the HVAC industry, Akshay is working to equip construction firms with the tools necessary to accelerate growth.