Construction has changed a lot in 10 years. So why hasn’t the workforce planning process?

Bridgit was founded 10 years ago. A construction technology company dedicated, at its core, to solving real problems in the industry. We’ve spoken to hundreds of contractors since then and have seen the desire for Design-Build (DB) contractors increase, and with the influx of money coming into infrastructure over the next few years, it’s expected

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Building a data-driven culture in construction

As the construction industry continues to move forward and embrace the digital transformation of their core processes, putting a focus on data analysis as a skill set will continue to become more important for all leadership and construction management positions. Construction is making the effort to shift from manual processes to cloud-based, automated software and technology. That shift will inevitably result in a wealth of project and workforce data being captured from every phase a project goes through.

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What is capacity planning? Advantages and how to implement

Capacity planning is the process of predicting future needs. Here are the key steps of capacity planning to help you manage your workforce.

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