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A winning combination: integrating workforce planning and project management

Effective project management in construction demands an understanding of how workforce planning influences the success of projects. The challenge is balancing project schedules with labor availability while maintaining tight control over budgets and deadlines. It requires foresight, strategy, and a grasp of the nuances that come with each project and team member. This article will

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Role and Task Templates for ops and preconstruction

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Looking to get a project team together quickly? Did you have a previous project whose success you’d like to repeat? When creating roles in Bridgit Bench, you can build and reuse Role and Task Templates for both your precon and project teams to save time, or you can quickly copy project roles from a previous job to repeat previous success.

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Role Notifications

For each project in Bridgit Bench, users can receive notifications each time a new role is added. For contractors dealing with regular labor requests, or even just users looking to stay in the know, Role Notifications are a quick and easy way to maintain visibility on team changes and project needs. Users can also choose to receive Role Notifications for all projects in their respective user settings.

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Cost-efficient labor planning with Bridgit Bench

Aligning your workforce capabilities with project demands is the key to cost-efficient labor planning. In construction, you face the dual challenge of avoiding labor shortages, delaying projects, and excessive staffing that can inflate costs unnecessarily. The good news is that labor costs can be one of the most controllable costs on the balance sheet.  This

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