Release notes: The Bridgit Bench mobile app

Release notes: The Bridgit Bench mobile app

The Bridgit team has laid the groundwork for an optimized workforce plan with Bridgit Bench and has extended the leading construction workforce management solution to your mobile device with the Bridgit Bench mobile app.

The Bridgit Bench mobile app is updated in real time so you never miss a beat when a new bid is won and provides you with confidence, when changes need to be made, that everyone is looking at the same information wherever they’re looking from.

Oversee your people and how they fit into your workforce

The Bridgit Bench mobile application not only allows you to add new team members while on the move, you can also edit details, identify allocation issues, add notes, and create periods of unavailability for all team members.

Manage your projects and project phases

Similar to managing people, the our mobile application allows you to easily add new projects to your workforce plan. You can also edit project details, add project notes, and manage project phases directly from your mobile device.

Allocate and assign necessary project roles

The Bridgit Bench mobile app gives you the ability to add roles to a project directly from the individual project tabs. From the project tab you can also easily add or edit start and end dates, customize allocation percentages, and delete roles from an overstaffed project.

Manage and adjust allocations for maximum efficiency

Moving one step further, you are also able to place a person to a role that’s been created. Similar to the web based app, Bridgit Bench will filter your workforce by title and availability to let you know in an instant who is available for a new project role, while informing you of any issues that surface after making new allocations. You can edit any allocation (even if the project is underway and changes need to be made) and remove a person from a role if the situation calls for it.

Get a view of the big picture at all times

The Bridgit Bench mobile app keeps you connected to your entire workforce at all times – starting with your people list. Filter by title or current project, and sort by availability to find the right person for the project, fast.

From the people list you can access an individual profile to review a person’s project history and upcoming allocation issues. You are also able to view and edit people details, and call or email the individual right from their profile.

Download for android

Bridgit Bench for mobile also provides you with a full project list and project history. You can filter for active projects and a current project phase to see how projects are coming along, or filter by upcoming projects to get a glimpse at what’s on the horizon.

From the project list you can open individual projects to gain an overview of allocations, project details, and dates for expected project and phase completion. The overview section of the individual project tab is where you will also manage your roles and allocations, while the Project Details will allow you to make changes to your different project details.

Download for iOS

Construction isn’t easy and at Bridgit we embrace that challenge. The Bridgit Bench mobile app is available on iOS and Android phones and is free to use as an existing Bridgit Bench customer.

For a step-by-step users guide to the Bridgit Bench mobile app and all of its features, visit the Bridgit Help Desk.

Michel Richer - Content Marketing Manager

Michel Richer

Michel Richer is the Content Marketing Manager at Bridgit. He got his start in the construction industry at an early age with a local restoration company. Michel is driven to propel the construction industry forward by helping to eliminate outdated, ineffective processes.

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