Share project updates with the new Project Notes feature in Bridgit Bench

Share project updates with the new Project Notes feature in Bridgit Bench

TL;DR – With Project Notes, Bridgit Bench helps you centralize your people and project information, without leaving any contextual insights behind. Notify other stakeholders of project progress, including any changes or delays. 

Keeping track of project changes can be a challenge

Tracking project changes can quickly become a challenge given how fluid construction projects can be. As a result, important conversations happen offline or through email, with context and details getting lost on the shuffle.

This can lead to miscommunication between key stakeholders and ultimately lead to poor outcomes for project delivery.

Keep the context alive using robust Project Notes in Bridgit Bench 

"Our Project Notes help you centralize project-specific conversations in Bridgit Bench to help fill in gaps between project stages and highlight your team's feedback."

Any user, including view-only users, can easily leave notes and stay aligned on how a project is progressing. The Project Notes will include the writer’s name and timestamp, while also allowing you to edit the note anytime after posting. 

Worried about including sensitive information that everyone can see? No problem. We’ve included the ability to make any note private based on your company’s permission groups so you can keep the entire project conversation safely in one place.

How you can effectively use Project Notes

Check out the video above to see how Project Notes can keep your team updated throughout a project’s lifecycle. 

To learn more about Project Notes for Bridgit Bench and see how it can help your company forecast workforce needs, get a demo from our team. For a full walkthrough of the feature, visit the Bridgit Help Desk.

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Akshay Yeleswarapu

Akshay Yeleswarapu is the Senior Product Marketer at Bridgit. With experience coordinating wastewater construction projects and leading product development in the HVAC industry, he is working to equip construction firms with the tools necessary to accelerate growth.