Smart Suggestions for project teams

Assigning the right people, made easy.

Smart Suggestions for project teams

Assembling great project teams is tough

Choosing the right person for your projects is no easy feat. For contractors mapping out an entire pipeline, there are typically six or seven million moving parts to factor in, approximately. Making the right decision requires wading through endless data points, searching for the right experience, the right availability, and (oh yea) someone that lives nearby.

With so many things to consider, it’s no wonder contractors will just allocate the first available name that comes to mind.

Smart Suggestions help find the right person, fast

Bridgit Bench arms you with Smart Suggestions for every project role. When allocating someone to an unfilled role in Bench, Smart Suggestions will consider titles and project histories to give you a shortlist of available team members to choose from.

Smart Suggestions will also tell you how far from the project they live to help cut down on commute times. You can even draw a radius around your project and only assign people within your decided range.

What about certifications? What about skill sets? No sweat. Applying additional people filters to narrow your search is easy as pie.

Smart Suggestions in Bridgit Bench

What about project histories, though?

Great question. When it comes to project histories, your Smart Suggestions are going to look at the project that you’re allocating someone to and compare select custom fields against all of the projects your team members have previously worked on.

The more fields that match, the better suited the team member is for the role in question.

The best part is that because project histories are being considered, Smart Suggestions will only continue to get smarter as time goes on and more projects are added to Bench.

Smarter Bench = Smarter Suggestions.

The ball is still in your court, though

We’ll use data and historical context to give you a short list to choose from, but who you ultimately choose for your project teams is still up to you. In fact, if you know the specific person you’re after, you can just type their name into the search bar to quickly allocate them.

Do Smart Suggestions work for hourly project roles?

In short, yes. You’ll still be given a short list of team members based on the automatic filters that are applied (group, title, availability), but instead of combing through project histories, Bench will display and sort your people by availability.

To learn more about Smart Suggestions in Bridgit Bench and see how it can help you build better teams, fast, book a walkthrough with one of our experts.

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