Bridgit Bench and Azure AD integration

Track your workforce changes, including new hires and terminations, with the Azure AD integration.

Azure and Bridgit logos
Azure and Bridgit integration recipe

Sync workforce data with Bridgit Bench

Quickly import employee data to better plan your team utilization with the Azure AD integration. Import data like new hire start dates, termination dates, employee skill set, and more. With the Azure AD integration, you can easily stay up-to-date on changes to your workforce.

A smarter workforce management strategy

With comprehensive employee data seamlessly integrated into Bridgit Bench, you can better plan your allocation and hiring needs for an optimized workforce strategy.

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Key benefits of the Bridgit Bench and Azure AD integration

Quick start

Plan projects for new hires before their first day. Pull new hire data into Bridgit Bench pulls with their official start date.

Easy promotions

As you promote your best employees, Bridgit Bench will capture their new titles and salaries automatically.

Improved collaboration

Foster more meaningful collaboration with your HR team on workforce strategy with data-backed decision making.

Automate your resource planning.

See how Bridgit Bench can be integrated with your existing tech stack.

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