9 Best places to find construction work

Ensuring project success requires finding the right construction job or skilled workers. This article compiles the nine best platforms connecting construction professionals and employers, offering tailored solutions for contractors and job seekers. Explore recommendations to access the right talent or find the ideal construction job aligned with skills and ambitions.

9 Best places to find construction work

Are you a construction professional looking to join a company that helps you accelerate your growth and bring your career to the next level? This is the place for you!

Below are the 10 best places to search and find the right company and role for you. These are the best sites for construction jobs. Checking a variety of these sources will be beneficial for you to know what different types of opportunities are available to you, and the demands and responsibilities of different construction industry jobs.

Where to find work in construction

1. Indeed

Indeed is the largest job website in the world, with over 10 new jobs posted every second. It’s free to use and has postings from all industries, meaning you’re bound to find opportunities relating to the construction career path you’re pursuing. If you’ve already progressed to a certain role in your career and are hoping to find promotions into construction management or positions with higher autonomy, you can search for opportunities based on experience level, job title, salary, and more. 

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2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform in the world, with over 750 million users. Through LinkedIn you can see job postings on the platform, but you can also use it as an opportunity to network and seek out opportunities in the construction industry that may not be posted publicly. 

Set up your own personal account with your past experiences and skills, and try reaching out to individuals at companies you are interested in to ask if there are any job openings. Even if not, getting to know some of the decision-makers before openings are posted can help get you to the top of the list of all candidates for when those openings do occur. Follow the companies you are interested in so you can get regular updates and alerts if they post any potential openings. 

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3. Trade Hounds

If you work in the trades, you may have heard of or used Trade Hounds. If not, Trade Hounds is a job platform available to skilled workers in the trades that allows them to build a profile detailing their skills and experiences. 

Through the platform, you can then search for work in your trade or region, as well as post updates on the work you are currently doing to show to future potential employers. You can also use the platform to talk with the over 200,000 trades professionals using the service, providing networking opportunities as well. 

4. Google search

Google Search is an often overlooked yet valuable tool for finding construction jobs. If you enter a search for a specific type of job, for example “construction project manager jobs in New York”, Google will accumulate job postings from different sites indexed on Google and list them under a ‘Jobs’ tab, which you can filter based on posting date, industry, and other variables.

This is a quick way to see postings you may have missed throughout your search, and Google will take you directly to the posting on the job site if you choose to further investigate specific opportunities. 

5. Monster.com

Monster is similar to Indeed, but you can save specific search queries so you don’t have to continuously enter the filters for the jobs you seek. However, Monster’s filtering options for searches are limited compared to Indeed. While there are significant opportunities posted to the site, it is still best used as a supplementary job-searching platform due to its limited scope compared to some other sites. 

6. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is unique as it allows you to both examine information and reviews of specific companies, positions, and CEOs while also accessing millions of job listings. After creating your profile and uploading your resume, you can browse active job postings based on your search criteria, while also being able to investigate the ratings, expected salary, and benefits of specific roles. 

You can read past employee and interviewee experiences to get a better understanding of the job you are considering, and you can also sign up for email alerts for new jobs based on your past searches. 

7. Recruitment firm in your area

While not every region will have a recruitment firm that helps find construction jobs, it is still worthwhile investigating if it is an option available to you. Many of these recruitment firms will either post their job postings publicly or have a portion of their website where you can submit your resume and information to be considered for the positions available. The options available through recruitment firms are often very limited compared to online job boards, but it is still worth your while to investigate to see if you can find a position that would be appealing to you. 

8. ZipRecruiter – can get emails sent directly to you

ZipRecruiter is another tool that helps connect businesses of all sizes with individuals seeking job opportunities. ZipRecruiter works similar to some of the other job boards and sites mentioned throughout this article, while leveraging AI to connect job seekers with the best opportunities for them. Through ZipRecruiter you can also receive updates relating to your applications, so you know when hiring managers have looked over your resume. 

9. Facebook groups

An unorthodox option but one that is likely to attain results; Facebook groups can be helpful for finding job opportunities related to specific skills or based out of a particular region. Not all Facebook groups permit these kinds of postings, so before joining make sure to look at the rules to see if job postings are permitted. If they are, then you should join the group, as this will be yet another avenue for you to discover possible openings which you could be a fit for. 

Now that you know where to look for opportunities, find out how you can improve your skills and progress your career to the level of construction project executive.

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