Career & Team development

Appealing to the next generation of construction workers

One of the challenges in construction has nothing to do with building, at least not directly, it’s with appealing to the next generation of construction workers, mainly Millennials and Gen Z. At this point, everyone in the industry is aware of the persistent labor shortages and cloudy economic outlook, but the aging workforce is a

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Upskilling and reskilling your workforce during a recession

Just like being data-driven as a company has to come from the top down in order to become a part of your firm’s culture, so does the focus on expanding your people’s skill sets. When you hire new employees it should be understood quickly that they have avenues for growth, and they can seek out new project experience and general job training. 

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How Much Do General Contractors Charge Per Hour?

When you’re looking to hire a general contractor for your construction project, the cost of their services is likely one of the most important factors that you’ll consider. Knowing how the contractor hourly rate can help you determine whether or not they are within your project’s budget. The rate for a general contractor can vary greatly depending on several factors.

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