A look at the last 6 months in Bridgit Bench

A look at the last 6 months in Bridgit Bench

At Bridgit, we work with our customers and move fast to deliver meaningful features to further streamline the workforce planning process. So fast that it’s sometimes difficult to keep up. Here’s a look at some of the best things we introduced to Bridgit Bench in the first half of 2022.

Bench Cost Reporting

Located in the Forecasting Dashboard, the Bench Cost report will show the financial impact of underutilized employees broken down month over month.

Any people filters applied to the Forecasting Dashboard will also be reflected in the report. Want to see if underutilized Project Managers are costing you money? No problem. Learn more about Bench Cost and people financials.

Idle Time Insights

Located in the dashboard, Idle Time will display any workforce inefficiencies with your current allocation strategy. These insights are also broken down by title and highlight team members that haven’t been fully allocated.

Location Maps

Included in the Projects section of Bridgit Bench, customers will now be able to access a Project Location Map that displays all active, upcoming, and pursuit projects.

Project filters can be applied, and any filters added to the Project List or Gantt views will be reflected on the map. Click on any project to display project information to make changes directly from the map view.

Saved filters

For faster access to relevant information, Bench customers now have the ability to create Saved Filters across all Project and People views, as well as the Forecasting Dashboard.

Simply create a Saved Filter, give it a name, and access it anytime.

Note @mentions 

Bench customers can now tag other users in both Project and People notes.

Simply type @ followed by any user’s name to communicate important information. Tagged users will also be notified via email that there’s a note waiting for them in Bridgit Bench.

Distance from Project 

When allocating team members to project roles, customers will be able to take into consideration how far they live from the job site.

Distance from project filters can also be applied to reduce travel time and keep team satisfaction high.

Project and People Gantt Updates

We’ve introduced a new Gantt timeline that provides 1-day intervals for projects and roles that require more granular planning. 

Custom Gantt reports will also reflect the displayed timelines so you can take a closer look at the month ahead with your larger team.