Bridgit Bench now connects with Autodesk Construction Cloud’s BIM 360

Bridgit Bench now connects with Autodesk Construction Cloud’s BIM 360

Today, the Bridgit team is excited to announce the latest step in our partnership with Autodesk®, following news of its leading a USD 7 million strategic investment in Bridgit. Bridgit Bench and BIM 360® are now connected, so customers can log in to their BIM 360 accounts via and access Bridgit Bench information on BIM 360’s project homepage.

BIM 360 is part of Autodesk Construction Cloud™, a portfolio of software and services that combines advanced technology, a builders network and predictive insights. The connection between Bridgit Bench and BIM 360 is powered by Autodesk Forge™, and is one of the first measures in our planned integrations with Autodesk Construction Cloud.

The Bridgit Bench and BIM 360 Integration

“Construction is a fast-paced industry, and we are always looking for opportunities to streamline workflows for our customers,” said Mallorie Brodie, CEO and co-founder at Bridgit. The ability to log in to Bridgit Bench with Autodesk credentials further streamlines project management workflows for the construction industry. We look forward to receiving continuous feedback from our customers on how we can continue to deepen our relationship with Autodesk and broaden our integration capabilities.

Bridgit Bench Autodesk integration

The ability to log in to Bridgit Bench using BIM 360 credentials and easily view Bridgit Bench data using a BIM 360 Partner Card allows customers to reference allocation views and project information so they can make resource decisions quickly and effectively.

“Workforce management is at the heart of successful construction projects,” says James Cook, head of integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions. “BIM 360’s integration with Bridgit Bench gives construction teams simplified access to their resource utilization data to remain productive and focused on delivering quality projects.”

With the AEC industry shifting its processes to be more remote, the Bridgit Bench and BIM 360 partnership will provide users with additional visibility into project data wherever they work.

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Join Bridgit’s co-founders, Mallorie Brodie and Lauren Lake, at Autodesk University for their Theater Talk on Forecasting for Advanced Workforce Planning. The talk will cover the 3 ways to improve your workforce forecasting with the data you already have on hand.

For more information about the Bridgit Bench and Autodesk partnership, visit Autodesk Construction Cloud Integration Partner Ecosystem or Bridgit Bench Integrations.