Role Notifications

Stay up to date on project needs and labor requests with Bridgit Bench.

Role Notifications

TL; DR – For each project in Bridgit Bench, users can receive notifications each time a new role is added. For contractors dealing with regular labor requests, or even just users looking to stay in the know, Role Notifications are a quick and easy way to maintain visibility on team changes and project needs. Users can also choose to receive Role Notifications for all projects in their respective user settings.

Juggling labor requests eating up your time?

Depending on the process you have in place, consolidating and filling labor requests that come in from your different projects can be one of the most scattered, time-consuming daily tasks your ops and field managers deal with.

Everyone has their idea of the best way to communicate labor needs, and the only constant is the person trying to make sense of them all. Bridgit Bench is here to help.

Subscribe to projects with Role Notifications

Found in every project in Bridgit Bench, users can “subscribe” to projects and be notified any time a new role is added.

For general contractors, that means you’ll be able to stay up-to-date as more roles, or more workforce needs, are being added to the different projects in your pipeline.

For specialty contractors, that means you’re better equipped to stay on top of, and better prioritize, all the labor requests coming in from your field teams. Role Notifications are even available on the Bench mobile app so your foremen and superintendents can be notified and open Bench right on the specific project directly from their phone or tablet.

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How do Role Notifications work?

When it comes to receiving Role Notifications in Bridgit Bench, setting them up is exactly as easy as you might think. Every user in Bench essentially has two different ways to set them up.

  1. Receive Role Notifications on a project-by-project basis by subscribing to individual projects.
  2. Set account-level Role Notifications to receive updates when roles are added to every project in Bench.

All Bench users will have access to turn on/off notifications in their account settings and for each respective project, however, users with limited access to view only hourly or salaried roles will be only be notified when roles they have access to view are added to projects.

Here’s a quick overview of how to set up Role Notifications on Bridgit Bench for both web and mobile applications.

Speaking of labor requests

Role Notifications can help standardize your labor request workflow from the field to the office. Instead of one person trying to make sense of emails, phone calls, text messages, and messages in bottles, your field teams can use the Bridgit Bench Mobile application to quickly submit labor requests right from the site.

What if the request is urgent? Using Role Notifications, the team members responsible for assigning your skilled labor can stay up to date on every request and prioritize accordingly. Combined with Smart Suggestions, drag-and-drop allocations, and the Roles page, Bridgit Bench can help create a standardized labor request workflow that works for you and your team.

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