Bridgit updates

Role and Task Templates for ops and preconstruction

Role and Task Template header image

Looking to get a project team together quickly? Did you have a previous project whose success you’d like to repeat? When creating roles in Bridgit Bench, you can build and reuse Role and Task Templates for both your precon and project teams to save time, or you can quickly copy project roles from a previous job to repeat previous success.

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Role Notifications

For each project in Bridgit Bench, users can receive notifications each time a new role is added. For contractors dealing with regular labor requests, or even just users looking to stay in the know, Role Notifications are a quick and easy way to maintain visibility on team changes and project needs. Users can also choose to receive Role Notifications for all projects in their respective user settings.

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Drag and drop allocations with the Available People Widget

Located in your projects, the Available People widget provides a list of team members with the availability you need for the project and a one-step allocation process where you simply drag people from the list directly onto an unfilled project role. What’s even better? You don’t even need an unfilled role. Just drag your team members and we’ll build a role for them.

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Budget vs. Planned Cost Widget

Budget vs planned cost header

The Budget vs. Planned Cost Widget, located in each project in Bridgit Bench, helps to better understand how your staffing plan compares to your budgeted labor costs. The widget pulls cost rates at an individual level, or uses default cost rates (in your settings), to ensure the widget displays accurate cost information that updates in real time if changes are made to the staffing plan.

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The Roles Page | Bridgit Bench

The Roles page in Bridgit Bench provides a consolidated overview of every unfilled role across your account. You can quickly apply people, project, and group filters, and select a time interval that keeps you ahead of any urgent labor demands. The best part? The Roles view is also available on mobile, making it easy for your field leaders to request the labor they need to support their projects.

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Better business decisions with Bridgit Bench 

Modern contractors thrive when making data-driven decisions. One of the biggest question marks in terms of quality data in construction revolves around the workforce, its availability, and where it needs to be. Using spreadsheets to make key business decisions about allocating people to jobs, communicating updates, and forecasting future labor demands is like trying to juggle underwater, it just can’t happen.

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