Seamless software management with Bridgit Bench and Autodesk Construction Cloud

Seamless software management with Bridgit Bench and Autodesk Construction Cloud

TL:DR – Bridgit Bench has partnered with Autodesk to provide seamless software management for construction professionals. These integrations eliminate common project management headaches, like having to deal with the ongoing communication issues you see when teams are siloed. Our integrations with Autodesk Construction Cloud include:

  • BIM 360
  • Autodesk Build
  • BuildingConnected

Autodesk is one of the leading providers of construction software solutions in construction today. General contractors of every size use Autodesk tools to track and plan active and upcoming projects, and projects still in pursuit and estimating. 

The Autodesk Construction Cloud helps contractors track how their projects are progressing from pursuit to completion. However, their suite of solutions becomes exponentially more powerful if they’re integrated with the existing tools in your tech stack.

At Bridgit, we know how important it is to maintain high quality data. That’s why we built integrations with Autodesk Build, BIM 360, and BuildingConnected – to help get rid of all the manual work that comes with trying to maintain data in two separate platforms. You’ll be able to automatically transfer data between platforms so that you can focus on building a strong project pipeline and maintaining a productive team. For more information about our integrations, check out the full lineup here.

BIM 360

A strategic, forward-looking workforce strategy can help contractors create distance from their competitors. By integrating BIM 360 with Bridgit Bench, you can automate the flow of key project data to forecast workforce demands and manage project allocations. 

Forecasting the demand for project pursuits helps keep the planning process proactive instead of reactive. By importing projects that are still in pursuit, you can pencil in the perfect project teams and better understand the impact they will have on the larger workforce strategy. Learn more about our BIM 360 integration here.


With our BuildingConnected integration, you can centralize your project pipeline tracking. Import key project information, including ongoing project bids, to ensure accurate and optimal allocation of your resources. Accurately forecasting your project demand will help maintain your workforce utilization and stay ahead of recruitment needs. When project opportunities or bids are likely to be won and pulled into Bridgit Bench, you can run scenarios to see the impact that each pursuit will have. Learn more about our BuildingConnected integration here.

Autodesk Build

Autodesk Build is one of the leading applications being used in construction today. It helps track your upcoming projects, project opportunities, and bids. Bridgit Bench has built a low-code/no-code integration with Autodesk Build to pull key project information based on the current stage of your projects or project pursuits. Learn more about our Autodesk Build integration.

Bridgit is workforce intelligence for the construction industry. Our mission is to help the construction industry maximize profits by taking a people-first approach. We’ll help transform your workforce data into actionable insights to inform your strategic and tactical business decisions. We work with construction industry leaders like Skanska, Balfour Beatty, and Power Construction. 

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