The Bridgit + Autodesk story

The Bridgit + Autodesk story

Earlier this year, Bridgit raised a $7 million USD strategic investment led by Autodesk to improve resource planning and forecasting for the construction industry. Recently, our two companies launched a formal partnership by way of an integration between Bridgit Bench and BIM 360 or BuildingConnected, BIM 360 login credentials, and BIM 360 Partner Card.

Ahead of Bridgit’s Theater Talk at Autodesk University on Forecasting for Advanced Workforce Planning, our co-founders, Lauren Lake and Mallorie Brodie, sat down with the President and CEO of Autodesk, Andrew Anagnost, to talk about courageous decision making at Autodesk’s company Town Hall.

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With Autodesk having recently invested in Bridgit, the conversation also included some insight into how and why this partnership came about, how Bridgit got started in construction technology, and Autodesk’s decision to continue investing in construction technology during a global pandemic.

Watch some behind the scenes clips of Autodesk Town Hall: Andrew on Air below and don’t forget to check out Mallorie and Lauren’s Theater Talk during Autodesk University.

Why partner with Bridgit?

Lauren and Mallorie ask Andrew about Autodesk’s decision to partner with Bridgit and to shed some light on the key reasons behind the investment.


What does a workflow in Bridgit Bench look like?

Lauren gives an overview of a common workflow in Bridgit Bench and the benefits of digitally transforming resource management.

Why invest during a global pandemic?

Mallorie asks Andrew about investing during a global pandemic and the strategy behind doubling down on the construction space.


Why partner with Autodesk?

Andrew turns the tables on Lauren and Mallorie to find out why Bridgit is excited about partnering with Autodesk.

How did Bridgit get started?

Lauren and Mallorie share the story of how they got started in the construction software industry and give a brief overview of Bridgit’s resource planning tool – Bridgit Bench.


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