Top construction companies in Ohio

Top construction companies in Ohio

According to the Associated General Contractors of Ohio, the midwestern state’s construction sector is among its top 10 industries by employment numbers. It should come as no surprise, then, that Ohio is home to a number of major construction companies.

In this article, we’ll look at the largest construction companies in Ohio based on revenue data from Engineering News-Record.

Largest construction companies in Ohio

Kokosing Construction Company

Location: Westerville

Regional revenue (2019) in millions: 1,318.12

Kokosing Construction Company is one of America’s largest highway construction companies. It was founded by William Burgett in the early 1950s as a home construction company. In the 1960s, Kokosing Construction Company began taking on commercial and industrial projects.

Today, the company’s services include:

  • asphalt paving
  • bridge construction
  • concrete paving
  • mass excavation
  • retaining wall construction
  • post-tensioning
  • piling
  • landfills
  • underground construction

The Kokosing Construction Company has received many awards for its work, including:

  • Outstanding Bridge Award
  • Flexible Pavements Awards: Quality for Asphalt Paving
  • Don Conway Patrtnering Award (Large Project)
  • Don Conway Partnering Award (Over $20M)
  • NAPA Quality in Construction

Messer Construction Company

Location: Cincinnati

Regional revenue (2019) in millions: 949.54

Next on our list of the top construction companies in Ohio, we have Messer Construction Company, a firm passionate about investing not only in innovative construction techniques but also communities in Ohio.

Sectors Messer Construction Company serves include:

  • aviation
  • military
  • health care
  • higher education
  • technology
  • industrial

Its services include:

  • building systems
  • cost planning and estimating
  • self-perform
  • preconstruction
  • lean construction
  • equipment rentals
  • risk management
  • real estate development

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Location: Dayton

Regional revenue (2019) in millions: 407.5

Danis is a privately-owned construction company based in Dayton, Ohio and serving the midwest and southeast regions of the United States. The company takes on public, private, and industrial construction projects, providing services such as:

  • quality management
  • safety management
  • self-perform
  • special projects
  • construction innovation

Markets Danis specializes in include:

  • sports
  • corporate
  • education
  • cultural facilities
  • education
  • manufacturing
  • healthcare
  • historic
  • technology
  • senior living

Skanska USA

Location: Cincinnati

Regional revenue (2019) in millions of dollars: 317.84

Next on our list of construction companies in Ohio, we have Skanska USA, a behemoth of a company with projects completed in nearly all 50 U.S. states.

While the company has offices in Cincinnati, Ohio, its origins trace back to a small fishing village in Sweden more than 130 years ago. Skanska USA got its start in 1971 and today earns the global corporation the bulk of its revenue.

Sectors Skanska USA serves include:

  • aviation
  • education
  • government
  • healthcare
  • infrastructure
  • data centers
  • mixed-use
  • office
  • multi-family

Its services include:

  • lean construction
  • project management
  • building information modeling

Skanska is also using our workforce intelligence tool, Bridgit Bench, to drive operational efficiencies across multiple offices. 

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Elford Incorporated

Location: Columbus

Regional revenue (2019) in millions: 398

Elford Incorporated was founded by civil engineer Edward Elford in 1910. It has since become not only one of the largest construction companies in Ohio but also one of the top-ranked in terms of employee happiness; Columbus CEO Magazine named it the Top Work Place. It also ranked first on AGC National Construction Safety Excellence’s list for safety.

Services Elford Incorporated provides include:

  • construction
  • development
  • owners representation
  • realty

It has locations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the Southeastern United States.

Shook Construction

Location: Brecksville

Regional revenue (2019) in millions: 346

Shook Construction is an Ohio-based firm with community service at the heart of its mission. The company launched The Shook Foundation in 2021 with the goal of empowering employees to support the communities they live in.

Shook Construction’s areas of focus include:

  • education
  • healthcare
  • industrial
  • resources

The company’s services include:

  • preconstruction
  • building information modeling
  • virtual design and construction
  • collaborative project delivery
  • lean construction
  • quality control

Rudolph Libbe Group

Location: Walbridge

Regional revenue (2019) in millions: 320.91

The Rudolph Libbe Group is a family of companies consisting of:

  • GEM Service
  • Rudolph Libbe Incorporated
  • GEM Inc
  • GEM Energy
  • Rudolph Libbe Properties

It serves a variety of sectors, including:

  • automotive
  • chemical
  • corporate
  • education
  • healthcare
  • industrial
  • metals
  • power
  • distribution
  • refining

The company was founded in 1955 and has since become not only one of the top construction companies in Ohio but also the entire United States.

Its services include:

  • large-scale facility renovations and expansions
  • small construction projects
  • new construction projects
  • energy optimization projects
  • facility maintenance

Ulliman Schutte Construction LLC

Location: Miamisburg

Regional revenue (2019) in millions: 252.3

The next company on our list of construction companies in Ohio is Ulliman Schutte Construction LLC, a water quality infrastructure firm founded in 1998.

It’s a self-perform company capable of working on both small and large water infrastructure projects, with prior completed works including:

  • Grand Forks Regional WTP CMAR
  • Lakeside Redirect PDB Project
  • Star City Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Southwestern Parkway CSO Basin DB
  • Richmond WTP Basin Cover


Location: Cleveland

Regional revenue (2019) in millions: 235

Last but certainly not least on our list of construction companies in Ohio, we have Donley’s, a concrete construction company based in Cleveland.

The firm’s services include:

  • concrete
  • restoration
  • parking decks

It has worked on a number of major projects, including:

  • Morrison Yard Apartments
  • Fenton Mixed-Use Development
  • International African American Museum
  • North Charleston Coliseum Parking Deck
  • Summa West Tower

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We hope you’ve found this article helpful from the perspective of gleaning insights about Ohio’s construction industry and the major players therein. For more construction-related articles (including roundups of the largest construction companies in other states), visit our blog.

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