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Delivering better outcomes, faster – Bridgit’s agile methodology

One of the biggest differences between Waterfall and Agile methodologies is the ability to ship iterations. In Waterfall you wait 6 months for a feature to release. With Agile you get an initial release and then iterative improvements (new features/feature enhancements) at frequent intervals until it’s on par with the waterfall delivery.

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What is an electrical contractor? Roles, responsibilities, and job outlook

In an increasingly connected world, electrical contractors play an essential role in construction. Keep reading to learn more about what electrical contractors do, how much they make, and how analysts project demand for their services will change in the coming years. What is an electrical contractor? Electrical contractors design, install, and maintain electrical systems in

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Centralize project pipeline tracking with Bridgit Bench and BIM 360 Integration

TL:DR – The Bridgit Bench and BIM 360 integration allows contractors to automate the transfer of project and project opportunity data from BIM 360 into Bridgit Bench. Our BIM 360 integration helps to centralize project pipeline tracking and better track project demand. Other benefits of this integration include: Custom cadences let you decide how frequently

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