Introducing: Bridgit Closeout for Android

BRIDGIT | Jun 5, 2017

You asked for it. And we delivered.

Since 2014, we’ve been gathering your feedback about the jobsite and learning about the latest construction trends. That’s how we came up with Bridgit Closeout: we saw a gap in jobsite communications and set out to fix it.

So, when you asked us for an Android app, we were determined to deliver. And now we have.

That’s right: Bridgit Closeout is now available on Android.

Book a demo, win a phone

We’re so excited to introduce Bridgit Closeout for Android, we’re giving away an Android phone. For a limited time, when you book a demo of Bridgit Closeout, you’ll be entered to win a Google Pixel.

Now available on any device

Now you can use our task management software on any Android device. Here are all the features:

Take photos and mark them up

Use the photo markup tool to help subcontractors better understand the task that they’ve been assigned.

Automate email notifications.

Send automated daily and/or weekly emails to subcontractors, updating them on new or outstanding tasks.

Export reports

Create a variety of different PDF and Excel reports. PDF reports are key for weekly meetings and for distributing to subcontractors on-site. Excel reports are used for detailed project analysis, financials, and record keeping.

Filter your punch list entries

Combine a series of filters to see exactly what you’re looking for. Subcontractors, locations, due dates and much more!


With Bridgit Closeout for Android, everyone can get on board, so you can close out projects even faster.


Want to learn more?

Book a demo, and you could win a Google Pixel!

Download the overview.

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