Average construction superintendent salary by U.S. state

Average construction superintendent salary by U.S. state

Construction superintendents play a vital role across America, ensuring construction projects are completed on time, according to applicable standards, and within budget. Keep reading as we explore the average construction superintendent’s salary by U.S. state, according to data from ZipRecruiter.

Average construction superintendent salary by U.S. state

The average construction superintendent salary is highest in Massachusetts, where professionals are paid $81,223 annually ($6,769 monthly, $39.05 hourly) for this work.

The average construction project superintendent salary is lowest in North Carolina, where workers receive $59,322 annually ($4,943 monthly, $28.52 hourly).

StateAnnual SalaryMonthly PayHourly Wage
New Hampshire$74,533$6,21135.83
New Jersey$80,361$6,69738.64
New Mexico$73,259$6,10535.22
New York$77,225$6,43537.13
North Carolina$59,322$4,94328.52
North Dakota$75,523$6,29436.31
Rhode Island$76,764$6,39736.91
South Carolina$69,614$5,80133.47
South Dakota$73,318$6,11035.25
West Virginia$67,127$5,59432.27

How to become a construction superintendent

Now that you know the average construction site superintendent salary by U.S. state, let’s discuss what it takes to become a construction superintendent. We’ll also discuss the qualifications that allow some construction superintendents to earn significantly more than others.

Educational requirements

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (which classifies construction superintendents under “construction managers”), construction superintendents typically need a bachelor’s degree in construction or a related field (i.e. architecture or engineering).

Candidates with high school diplomas typically aren’t excluded outright but even with several years of experience, they’re more likely to be given contractor roles than hired for full-time construction superintendent positions.

Keep this in mind when evaluating the average construction project superintendent salaries we’ve mentioned above; the best positions with the highest salaries typically go to those with bachelor’s degrees.

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Work experience requirements

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, entry-level construction superintendents are often granted the opportunity to learn management skills on the job.

However, prior work experience is typically especially important for construction superintendents that do not have bachelor’s degrees. If a candidate’s prior work experience is significant enough, some employers may even be willing to overlook the lack of a degree.

Licensing requirements

Some states mandate standardized licensing for construction superintendents. Lacking this licensing would preclude a contractor not only from receiving the most competitive construction site superintendent salaries but also any position at all.

Be sure to review your state licensing board’s requirements with this in mind.

In states where certification is not mandatory, it can still be useful when applying for the most competitive construction superintendent positions.

For example, the Construction Management Association of America offers Certified Construction Manager credentials that confirm a worker has significant experience and knowledge.

Skills required to succeed as a construction superintendent

Next, let’s discuss the skills required to succeed and receive a construction superintendent salary at the higher end.

Technical expertise

To thrive and qualify for a high construction general superintendent salary, you’ll need significant technical expertise. The exact domains of expertise will vary from company to company (i.e. a plumbing firm would likely prioritize construction superintendent candidates that have significant plumbing experience and knowledge whereas a general contractor might have broader expectations).

This requirement is important not only for completing tasks successfully but also for maintaining the team’s confidence in their construction superintendent. This is a crucial consideration since construction superintendents are in a leadership role; if the team lacks confidence in their superintendent, this may cause conflicts.


Construction superintendents need great written and verbal communication skills. They’re often called upon to explain and manage complex processes to various stakeholders, which has a direct impact on their employer’s bottom line. Consequently, construction superintendents who can manage those relationships in a way that maximizes their employer’s profitability naturally earn more.

Business acumen

Construction superintendents are very closely involved in crucial business decisions related to staffing, managing budgets, and coordinating personnel. Those who earn the highest salaries have a demonstrated ability to take charge of these conversations and look out for their employers’ best interests.


As mentioned earlier, construction superintendents are leaders. As such, they need to be capable of managing subordinates (and conflicts that might arise with them) confidently.

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