Bridgit at Groundbreak

Bridgit at Groundbreak


With Groundbreak officially behind us, here’s a roundup of Bridgit’s time at the largest construction conference of the year:

Behind-the-scenes look at our product theatre session

Construction is facing a massive labor shortage which is driving up costs and reducing profits. Despite major ambitions to take on more projects, construction companies face the reality that they must continuously “do more with less” – taking on more projects with fewer people.


Recruitment & retention

Females represent a mere 9.1% of the construction workforce – there is a massive opportunity for companies to recruit and retain female talent to help bridge the labour gap. Watch the full session here.


Diversity goes beyond race and culture – it can include work experience too. Here’s how you can hire outside of the normal talent pool and attract and retain hires from diverse backgrounds. Watch the full session here.

Want to learn more about the economics of attracting and retaining female talent in construction? Watch our full theatre session:

Hear from Bridgit’s co-founders

Bridgit is a construction software company that was launched by Lauren Lake and Mallorie Brodie in 2014, focusing on optimizing workforce management and punch list and inspection management processes.

Lauren Lake

COO and Co-Founder

Mallorie Brodie

CEO and Co-Founder


Bridgit Bench

Simplify your workforce planning with Bridgit Bench. Eliminate “gut feel” decision-making with custom allocations, skills and experience tracking, dashboards, people and project gantts, and an on-the-go mobile app. Watch the full session here.