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4 reasons why construction projects fail

4 Reasons Why Construction Projects Fail

Construction projects can be complex and involve many moving parts, requiring the expertise of project managers, contractors, laborers, and other stakeholders, which unfortunately puts them at high risk for failure. You may be wondering: what is the most common cause for the failure of development projects? By knowing what factors into a plan falling apart,

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5 stages of a construction project life cycle

5 Stages of a Construction Project Life Cycle

The construction project life cycle consists of five important phases. Understanding what each stage embodies and how they work together in succession can help you successfully initiate and closeout construction projects. Poor planning, after all, can result in significant delays and additional (and often unnecessary) costs. Familiarizing yourself with a project’s typical life cycle and

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Centralizing your data to improve team development

We talk to general contractors. A lot. As you might expect, different organizations have different ways of doing things. Everyone has their own philosophies, their own processes, their own reports, and their own metrics. But we also hear something you might not expect when talking to so many different organizations. They all seem to have

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How long-term people planning helps general contractors stay proactive with project planning, bidding, and recruitment

Construction is a long game. Mid-size projects can take anywhere from 6-9 months to complete and larger projects can easily take over a year. Given how far into the future a project can stretch, we’re often surprised to learn that long-term people planning is a common challenge since most of the workforce planning that’s being

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Workforce visibility for construction matters now more than ever

‘Workforce visibility’ has become a buzzword since the start of the pandemic in 2020. It’s not a new idea, but with so many businesses shifting to a mobile-first or hybrid workforce, it’s become critical to maintaining a competitive edge. While workforce visibility can be a challenge, the response from the tech industry has helped most

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