What’s new in Bridgit Bench – A look back at summer 2022

What’s new in Bridgit Bench – A look back at summer 2022

Top contractors rely on Bridgit Bench to keep their workforce planning efficient and effective.

With over 24 customer-influenced updates released over the summer, here’s a quick look at all the biggest new features and functionality added to Bridgit Bench in the last 3 months.


Groups in Bridgit Bench help get your entire organization using the same workforce planning tool, but with the flexibility to organize, segment, and filter your people and projects by office or region with just a few clicks. All the transparency you need to plan effectively, with none of the clutter. Groups are also reflected in your smart suggestions when allocating team members, making your allocation process even faster.

Have team members that only need to focus on a single office? Our new global filter helps do exactly that, but can also provide leadership and executives a bird’s eye view of the entire company.

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Groups in Bridgit Bench


Our new map page provides a geographical view of all your people and projects.

You can toggle the allocation view to see the respective distances of anyone assigned to the project, or you can apply people, project, and group filters to get a closer look. 

Bridgit Bench Maps

Quick Assign

We added a new Quick Assign page to highlight unfilled roles and help allocate your team members, fast.

Quick Assign is simple and efficient. All your unfilled roles on the left, all your available people on the right. To add someone to a role, simply drag, drop, and confirm and that change will be reflected throughout Bench.

Bridgit Bench Quick Assign

Note @mentions 

Resource planning involves a lot of collaboration. When you add notes to people or projects you can now tag other Bench users in your note.

Simply type @ followed by the user’s email address. Anyone tagged in a note will also receive an email notification from Bench.

Note @mentions in Bridgit Bench

Distance from project

Keep your team happy with a shorter commute to their projects. When filling project roles in Bench, you’ll now be able to see exactly how far from the project your people are before allocating them.

Distance from project in Bridgit Bench

As workforce planning continues to evolve, so does Bridgit Bench. We stay one step ahead so our customers can do the same.

To learn more about what Bridgit Bench can do for you, speak with one of our workforce planning experts.

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Michel Richer is the Manager of Content and Product Marketing at Bridgit. He started in the construction industry early on with a local restoration company. Michel is driven to propel the construction industry forward by helping to eliminate outdated, ineffective processes.

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