How to run construction workforce planning meetings effectively during COVID-19

How to run construction workforce planning meetings effectively during COVID-19


Due to COVID-19, there’s been a big shift in how construction meetings are managed and executed – including in the office, on site, and while remote. ForConstructionPros said it best:

“Consider using these meetings to get everyone on the same page and achieve your company goals.”

With that said, you want to ensure your meetings provide value, are conducive to team collaboration, are optimized as much as possible, and provide clear next steps.

For those in-person workforce meetings, remember that physical distancing is crucial to controlling the spread of COVID-19. So, if you’re needing to be in the office, or on the site, make sure you’re having your workforce meetings in a large space or outside to enable physical distancing (Government of Ontario).

This article will walk you through the steps to following when running a remote construction workforce planning meeting, three tools to use when running your workforce meeting, and shortcuts you can take advantage of as well.

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Steps when running construction workforce planning meetings

Here are the 5 steps you should follow when running your construction workforce planning meetings so that they are effective and productive:

  1. Assign someone to facilitate your meeting – assigning a specific team member to facilitate the meeting will allow you to focus on the content of the meeting

  2. Choose your video conferencing tool and ensure your team feels comfortable using the technology – some examples of video conferencing tools you may want to look into can be found below

  3. Create a single source of truth for your project and workforce data – ensure that everyone has access to and is looking at the same information

  4. Set your meeting agenda and stick to it – your construction workforce planning meeting agenda should include: team members expected to attend (Operations, PMs, Site Supers), key projects that will be discussed, how long you intend to discuss each project, information that attendees will be expected to bring forward for specific projects, and manpower meeting guidelines (and make sure you communicate this agenda early on)

  5. Set your remote workforce meeting guidelines – think of your guidelines as etiquette, they should include: saying hello, using your mute button when you aren’t speaking, giving others the chance to speak

Learn more about how to run a remote construction workforce planning meeting.

Tools for running construction workforce planning meetings

Here are the 4 cloud-based tools you’ll want to implement in order to increase efficiencies in your construction workforce planning meetings:

  1. Video conferencing tools – some examples of conferencing tools you may want to look into include: Zoom, Google Hangouts, Slack, and Skype (learn more about video conferencing for construction workforce planning meetings)

  2. CRM – some CRM tools your organization might want to look further into include: Salesforce, Cosential, TopBuilders, Buildertrend, and JobNimbus

  3. Digital whiteboards – some digital whiteboards your team may want to look further into include: ExplainEverything, Miro, LiveBoard, and Jot

  4. Construction workforce planning toolBridgit Bench is a construction workforce planning tool that was built specifically for contractors to increase their operational efficiency

Learn more about the top cloud-based tools for construction workforce planning meetings.

Navigating a pandemic to ensure employee safety is a new experience for every industry, but it’s also an opportunity to re-evaluate processes and standards around team communication and meetings.

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