Meet the new Bridgit

Meet the new Bridgit

Today we launch the new Bridgit. A completely updated visual identity that brings to light the unconventional and disruptive spirit that Bridgit has embodied since day 1.

Bridgit got its name 8 years ago. It was the exact same day that we decided to start a construction-tech business.

We believed that a human name would allow us to build an approachable brand in the industry. We wanted a name that didn’t feel too techy and that allowed us to create a friendly persona for an industry that was at the very beginning of the tech-adoption journey. We started by throwing around the most obvious construction-related words we could think of: concrete, hard hat, steel, building, bridge, bridget, bridgit. 

Just like that, Bridgit was born.

We spelled Bridgit with an “I” instead of an “E” as a nod to the IT space. It also referenced the idea of bridging the gap. We figured we could always change the name later – but it stuck. As we scaled our efforts, we’d always get the question, “So, who’s Bridgit?” 

The Bridgit brand was memorable. It was human.

Our journey from that point on has been many things, but at its core, it’s always been unconventional. As a company, we’ve always done things differently. What started with a gut-instinct to bring approachable technology to the construction industry, evolved into a dynamic company that is continually challenging the status quo. We built our solutions around pain points we heard from people in the field. We built our initial customer base by walking the streets of booming American cities knocking on jobsite trailers. We built relationships in the industry that were rooted in our genuine desire to make an impact. After five years building our first product, we pivoted the business to something completely new by launching Bridgit Bench.

As the company grew and evolved, this rebellious spirit and daring attitude became less visible on the surface. The visual brand had been added to bit-by-bit over many years; it had become disjointed and no longer reflected us as a company. We were frustrated that our vision of building a memorable and human brand was not shining through. We decided it was time for a rebrand. We wanted to ensure, however, that we were rebranding with a clear direction in mind. We asked ourselves, what kind of brand are we trying to build? A brand that reflects our industry and is similar to the tried and true brands our customers are used to? Or a brand that reflects us as Bridgit and may be completely different from what our customers expect? We wanted to build a brand that highlighted Bridgit and what makes us unique. We’ve always been different, so why shy away from that now?

Enter the new Bridgit.

Bridgit for construction workforce intelligence

Our rebrand comes at a time when change is embraced and encouraged. We believe that people are the pulse of every organization. We change the way contractors manage their workforce, providing them the insights and capabilities to increase their competitiveness.

We are building a brand that represents Bridgit, and we’re aware it may be different than what the industry expects. That’s who we are. We don’t want to choose the obvious and expected. Bridgit is a trailblazer. Our brand is bold, unexpected, and embraces the human side of construction tech.

Here’s a look at how our brand now reflects that.


Our new Bridgit logo is balanced, modern, and playful, adding energy to our brand. Our new logo better represents Bridgit’s approachability.

Color palette

Our new color palette is bold and unexpected, but is flexible and versatile enough to set the appropriate tone across various platforms and situations. Our new color palette is different from the standard construction blues and oranges, showing the personality of the Bridgit brand through warmer, bolder colors. A critical element for our palette is accessibility: we value approachability, and part of that is being accessible to everyone. This palette was designed strategically to be used in different accessible pairings, giving us the versatility to present a sophisticated enterprise look and feel to our customers while allowing room for playfulness with our brand.


The Bridgit gradient is a design element that our new brand uses to convey evolution, movement, and the flow of change. To celebrate our grit as a company, we added a grainy texture to the gradient, similar to the texture of concrete or sandpaper.

Photography style

People are the core of every organization – and this is especially true for us here at Bridgit. Our photography style is bright and natural, representing our people in an accurate and positive way. 

Our external people photography is also bright and natural. It quickly conveys, in just a glance, that we are a contech company and that our product has been custom-built for the construction industry.

We have ambitious goals for the future of Bridgit. Now we have a brand that is both true to Bridgit and where we are headed.

Thank you to everyone that had a hand in bringing the Bridgit brand to life.

Mallorie Brodie & Lauren Lake
Co-Founders of Bridgit