Release notes: Permission groups

Release notes: Permission groups


TL;DR: Following the release of the Full Contributor permission group, Bridgit Bench now allows users to customize permission groups specific to their company needs.

Custom permission groups

Many Bridgit Bench clients have expressed the desire to get more people involved in their workforce planning process. The team at Bridgit released the Full Contributor permission group to allow for a more collaborative team effort, and has now followed that up with the release of custom permission groups.

Bridgit Bench Administrators can now create their own custom permission groups to allow team members to contribute to their workforce plan in unique ways without allowing them to have full access to the tool. Administrators will be able to create and name permission groups and assign users however they choose.

For instance, if you wanted to create a “Human Resources” permission group that would allow your HR team to add, edit, and deactivate team members, but not allow them to manage project details, roles, or allocations – you got it!




If you wanted to create a “Pre-construction” permission group that would allow users to create new projects and project roles but not assign individual team members to those roles – no problem!

Visit our support page for a step-by-step walkthrough.

Let’s take a quick look at the default permission groups now available in Bridgit Bench. In addition to the new custom permissions, there are three permission groups within your workforce planning solution that can help to eliminate the all-too-familiar “too many cooks in the kitchen” scenario while still enabling your teams to collaborate on your workforce strategy. The different groups and their level of access are broken down in the following table.





Administrators have full access to Bridgit Bench and can manage the account settings and customizations. Administrators are responsible for creating custom permission groups and assigning those permissions to specific users.

Full Contributors

Full Contributors have almost as much access to Bridgit Bench as an administrator. They can manage all project and people details, as well as project roles and allocations, however they won’t have access to manage any settings to prevent any unwanted changes to company customizations. Keep in mind Full Contributors will be able to view all private fields. If you don’t want certain users to see this information you may want to create a custom permission group for them.

View Only

This permission group is the most self-explanatory. View Only users will have access to view, but not manage any people or project details, roles, or allocations.

How you choose to break down your permission groups is up to you, it’s important to remember that the more involved your team is in the workforce plan, the more they feel they are contributing to company-level goals on a day to day basis.

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