How LEMOINE puts people and relationships first with workforce intelligence from Bridgit Bench

The Lemoine Company, based in Louisiana, is one of the leading and most respected full-service general contractors in the Southeast United States. Throughout Lemoine’s history, their purpose has remained consistent: Achieve excellence in construction while enhancing the lives of everyone involved.

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How Ridgemont is increasing workforce planning transparency across the larger team with the help of Bridgit Bench

ridgemont project and bridgit logo

Founded in 1976 and headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Ridgemont Commercial Construction is a construction management company. Ridgemont serves the Texas metroplexes – Austin, Houston, and San Antonio – as well as Oklahoma City and Tulsa. They work in six different market segments: retail, automotive, industrial, office, medical, and senior living. 

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How Harper General Contractors uses Bridgit Bench to improve visibility into their workforce strategy

Harper General Contractors Project

Founded in 1950, Harper General Contractors is headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina and serves the Carolinas as well as parts of Georgia and Tennessee. The firm’s markets include industrial, water & waste water treatment, education, mixed-use, healthcare, municipal, and historic renovation.

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How GE Johnson uses Bridgit Bench to improve operational efficiency and simplify its workforce planning process

GE Johnson Project

Bridgit Bench has helped GE Johnson Construction Company be more efficient with workforce management and communicate better around resource planning. For a company that values relationship building and sustainable growth, these traits are extremely important. So, the new resource management tool is helping GE Johnson accomplish its goals both internally and externally.

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How ANDRES Construction Using Bridgit Bench to grow in a systematic and well thought-out manner.

Andres Construction Project

Andres Construction Services was founded in Dallas in 1991 by the Andres family. The tiny three-person family business has since grown to 183 employees and is in the midst of a growth spurt. Despite the growth, Andres retains family-like elements, including care for its employees and the desire to see everyone succeed.

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