Michel Richer

Budget vs. Planned Cost Widget

Budget vs planned cost header

The Budget vs. Planned Cost Widget, located in each project in Bridgit Bench, helps to better understand how your staffing plan compares to your budgeted labor costs. The widget pulls cost rates at an individual level, or uses default cost rates (in your settings), to ensure the widget displays accurate cost information that updates in real time if changes are made to the staffing plan.

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Bridgit launches new functionality to support specialty and self-performing contractors

Bridgit launches functionality to help specialty and self-performing contractors manage their people more effectively Contractors can allocate, track, and forecast their field and craft workforce and consolidate their entire workforce strategy into a single tool TORONTO, ONTARIO (June 27, 2023) — Bridgit, the leader in construction workforce planning technology, today announced the launch of its

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Preconstruction meetings agenda and questions: All you need to know

With preconstruction being the foundation of a construction project’s success, properly executing meetings to prepare for building is crucial. Without meetings for decision-making and conflict resolution, projects are much more likely to encounter difficulties mid-way. In other words, preconstruction meetings are key to project success, and thus, it’s important to carry them out accordingly. Having

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