Michel Richer

Seamless software management with Bridgit Bench and Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk Construction Cloud

Bridgit Bench has partnered with Autodesk to provide seamless software management for construction professionals. These integrations eliminate common project management headaches, such as dealing with discrepancies between conventionally-siloed teams. Our integrations with Autodesk Construction Cloud include:
BIM 360
Autodesk Build

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Integrate your project pipeline with the Bridgit Bench and Procore Integration

Procore Integration

The Bridgit Bench and Procore integration allows you to pull project information from Procore directly into Bridgit Bench, our industry-leading workforce intelligence solution. That means key dates , custom fields, project roles, and even project phases are automatically synced with Bridgit Bench to optimize your project and resource pipeline.

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How Broccolini forecasts their team’s bandwidth using Bridgit Bench


Broccolini, based in Montreal, Quebec, is one of the leading providers of construction, development, and real estate services in Canada. The company has a rich history in Canada having been founded in 1949 by Donato Broccolini, who stressed the importance of honesty, integrity, perseverance, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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