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How TC Electric uses Bridgit Bench to manage growth effectively

When asked about the initial impressions after deciding to use Bridgit Bench, Shavel said: “I’ve got to give it up to the engineering team at Bridgit – the interface is fantastic, super intuitive, and the presentation layer makes it easy to look across our jobs by the individual level or portfolio level.”

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How Schimenti improves work-life balance, shares resources across offices, and forecasts staffing needs with Bridgit Bench

A Schimenti project

By focusing on a better customer experience, Schimenti Construction Company is helping to redefine the customer service standard across the construction industry, which is backed by an impressive 90+% customer retention rate.

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How Columbia bolsters team morale, increasing safety and improving employee retention, with Bridgit Bench

Columbia Project

Founded in 1925, Columbia Construction Co. is a third-generation, family-run business that has worked hard to earn its reputation for understanding client needs and working side-by-side with stakeholders and team members to deliver exceptional results.

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WCS Construction executes workforce planning in a fraction of the time with the help of Bridgit Bench

WCS Construction Project

WCS Construction was established in 2001 out of Washington, D.C. and initially focused their efforts on affordable housing. They’ve since become an award-winning general contractor offering a full suite of construction services across the Mid-Atlantic region.

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How Skanska USA drives operational efficiency with workforce intelligence from Bridgit Bench

skanska project

Skanska, which was founded in 1887 and is headquartered in Stockholm, has offices around the world. Skanska is one of the leading construction and development companies in the USA, specializing in building construction, civil infrastructure and developing commercial properties in select U.S. markets.

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How Wise Construction manages resources efficiently and effectively with Bridgit Bench

Wise Construction Project with Bridgit Logo

Wise Construction was relying on three systems to help them with workforce management. One tracked projects, a second tracked manpower, while a third tracked field personnel. While Libby notes they were “fairly in-depth spreadsheets,” the system as a whole was not satisfactory.

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