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How Spartan seamlessly integrated Bridgit Bench and Salesforce for better pipeline management

Spartan Bridgit Bench and Salesforce Integration

Based in Tampa, FL, Spartan Contracting Co. is a full-service general contractor with expertise in commercial construction and property maintenance, pre-construction, design-build, and green building. Their philosophy is simple yet powerful; do a good job, do it the right way, and do it on time.

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How DesCor Builders cut workforce planning time by 70% with Bridgit Bench

DesCor Builders Project

DesCor Builders is a licensed general contractor based in Sacramento, CA that provides full service preconstruction, general contracting, and construction management services. They have been widely recognized as the best construction value in the Northern California area by providing the most sophisticated construction services at an economical price.

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WCS Construction executes workforce planning in a fraction of the time with the help of Bridgit Bench

WCS Construction Project

WCS Construction was established in 2001 out of Washington, D.C. and initially focused their efforts on affordable housing. They’ve since become an award-winning general contractor offering a full suite of construction services across the Mid-Atlantic region.

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How Sabre Commercial forecasts project demands and improves collaboration with Bridgit Bench

Sabre Commercial Case Study

Since the company was founded in 2008, Sabre had exclusively used Microsoft Excel for their resource management. “It wasn’t that difficult to know which people were on the two projects you had,” explains Todd Reimers, Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Sabre. “You could pretty much do that on the back of a napkin.”

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How Ridgemont is increasing workforce planning transparency across the larger team with the help of Bridgit Bench

ridgemont project and bridgit logo

Founded in 1976 and headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Ridgemont Commercial Construction is a construction management company. Ridgemont serves the Texas metroplexes – Austin, Houston, and San Antonio – as well as Oklahoma City and Tulsa. They work in six different market segments: retail, automotive, industrial, office, medical, and senior living. 

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How La Macchia Group maintains a true source of workforce planning data with Bridgit Bench

LaMacchia Group project

La Macchia Group’s explosive growth has led to challenges related to managing their institutional knowledge and their databases. As they work to make sure their business can handle the growth, La Macchia Group looks to technology which has played a big role for them for some time.

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How Fortune-Johnson uses Bridgit Bench to manage resources effectively in an ever-changing environment

fortune johnson project and bridgit logo

Founded in 1991, Fortune-Johnson is headquartered in Atlanta with a regional office in Charlotte, NC. Fortune-Johnson views itself as a technology company, and they strive to optimize every aspect of building design, materials supply, and construction. They aim to transform how buildings and spaces come to life.

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How Wise Construction manages resources efficiently and effectively with Bridgit Bench

Wise Construction Project with Bridgit Logo

Wise Construction was relying on three systems to help them with workforce management. One tracked projects, a second tracked manpower, while a third tracked field personnel. While Libby notes they were “fairly in-depth spreadsheets,” the system as a whole was not satisfactory.

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