construction career development

Best certifications for construction career development

Acquiring credible certifications is a good way to learn and improve in your role as well as to progress your career in the construction industry. Certifications related to project management, safety regulations, sustainable processes, and much more are available to the broad public for them to develop their skills and abilities. Acquiring any of these certificates demonstrates a certified level of expertise, as well as a commitment to your career and continuous improvement, a positive in the eyes of employers.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion within construction | Lora McMillan

Our guest on Honest Conversations today is Lora McMillan, Manager of Special Projects at Ledcor. Lora has over 15 years experience in the construction industry, and as both a woman and a member of the LGBTQ community she has developed unique perspectives on the nature of the construction industry through her lived experiences. Join us as we dive into how Lora has progressed through the industry despite the lack of broader representation, how she thinks the construction industry can adopt stronger Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion initiatives, what real change needs to look like, and more! 

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Unique Perspectives from a Sr. Project Manager | Derek Lemmon

Our guest on Honest Conversations today is Derek Lemmon, Senior Project Manager at Clune Construction. Derek has almost 10 years experience as a project manager and specializes in healthcare-related projects. Join us as we dive into Derek’s path through the construction industry, the value of mentorship in construction, his unique approach to managing stress, and more!

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The transition to project manager | Armando Chocron

Honest Conversations - The transition to project manager | Armando Chocron

Our guest on Honest Conversations today is Armando Chocron, Project Manager at Accel Construction Management. Armando has a Masters in Engineering which he completed while starting his career in construction, and now has over 6 years experience in the industry. Join us as we dive into why Armando thinks a Masters can have so much value in construction, the struggles and best advice for transitioning between roles, the value of experience, and more! 

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How to handle stress as a construction project manager

There’s no secret that construction is a stressful industry, but that doesn’t mean the stress has to be overwhelming, or that your health must suffer. We’ve collected a list of useful tips others in construction project management use to help them keep their stress manageable, and stop it from becoming a debilitating factor.

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How to become a construction project executive

The path to becoming a construction project executive has many variations. Understanding the qualifications and skills necessary to embark on this path successfully is important and can help you more efficiently and rapidly accomplish your goals. Here, we detail some of the best advice for progressing your career in the construction industry and how you can become a construction project executive.

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