Data strategies

Top 4 custom fields our clients use to track projects

In addition to the standard features of Bench, our customers have the option to track as much information on their projects as they would like, with up to 80 custom fields available. Custom fields are easy to create and edit. During onboarding, we work with you to determine what custom fields you’d like to use and create them for you. However, it’s very easy for you to edit existing fields or add new ones, with many different types of fields to choose from. You can make custom fields mandatory or optional, private or public.

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What is construction resource management and why is it important?

If you are new to the world of human resources or even business in general, you might not know much about resource management (or project management), what it is, and why it’s important for every company to utilize. While the term might seem a little bit vague and undefined, resource management is actually pretty easy to understand.

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Construction and the spreadsheet epidemic

Let’s face it, blog posts about spreadsheets are about as engaging to read as spreadsheets are fun to use, but there’s clearly a movement happening right now with construction technology and software solutions looking to pull the industry out of static spreadsheet systems like Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1 2 3 for resource and workforce planning. The reason for that is very simple.

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