Top 50 construction influencers

View article Construction is in the midst of a transformation, and these 50 influencers are the ones determining where it’s headed. They shape trends and the overall pulse of the industry; they’re responsible for designing, building, and manufacturing projects around the world. They include executives at general contractors and subcontractors, technology innovators, association leaders, and more. Digital

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The ConTechCrew 238: “You can’t boil the ocean all at once!” with Mallorie Brodie from Bridgit

Listen now JBKnowledge podcast network. This week’s guest, Mallorie Brodie. She is back. From Bridgit. In this week’s news, construction drawings, more use cases for AI, Hilti concrete sensors, and more! Construction is the world’s oldest industry but spends the least amount of money on innovation. When we realized people outside and inside the industry, did not typically associate with technology like virtual reality,

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Who’s on your bench? Construction tech firm Bridgit helping contractors modernize workforce planning

View article About 50 staff, Mallorie Brodie says, is the point it becomes extremely tough for operations managers to keep on top of their on-site employees. At that stage, the traditional spreadsheet method for tracking what workers are on what job, who has the right experience to step into a role and what members of

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