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Tracking utilization rates and improving construction resource planning collaboration

Todd Reimers, Chief Business Development Officer of Sabre Commercial

We sat down with Todd from Sabre Commercial for an exclusive Q&A on improving resource planning collaboration between different departments. Since implementing Bridgit Bench, Sabre has used our construction resource planning solution to track utilization, forecast project bids, and increase overall transparency around their resource management.

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Bridgit Bench optimizes construction workforce management in the cloud

Bridgit Bench Construction Resource Planning Tool

There has been a lot of talk about the labor shortage facing the construction industry in the past few years, which makes it even more important for your company to properly manage the team members it currently has. Typically, workforce resource management is completed in spreadsheets — if completed at all – many times leading to overworked or underworked staff.

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James McHugh Construction

James McHugh Construction Project

James McHugh Construction was founded in 1897, initially specializing in masonry work. It wasn’t long before McHugh established itself as a general contractor in the mid-1920’s. McHugh is responsible for building some of Chicago’s most recognizable landmarks, including Marina City and Water Tower Place – the world’s tallest concrete structures at the time of their respective builds. 

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The ConTechCrew 238: “You can’t boil the ocean all at once!” with Mallorie Brodie from Bridgit

Mallorie Brodie joins ConTechCrew

Construction is the world’s oldest industry but spends the least amount of money on innovation. When we realized people outside and inside the industry, did not typically associate with technology like virtual reality, apps, and robotics, we started The ConTechCrew. Each week we bring our listeners the latest in ConTech news and interview the minds behind the technological innovations, changing the way we build.

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