Bridgit Bench’s impact on HR and operations collaboration

How Bench helps with cross-function collaboration

Bridgit Bench’s impact on HR and operations collaboration

Creating seamless collaboration between project operations and human resources is no small feat. Despite primarily being used by the Operations team, Bridgit Bench can be a tool that allows for collaboration across functions – specifically between Operations and HR.

This blog delves into Bridgit Bench’s unique contribution to facilitating HR-Operations collaboration, as told by our customers.

DeAngelis Diamond

At DeAngelis Diamond, Bridgit Bench has defied expectations, expanding from just workforce planning to support HR and talent recruitment, too. Their Chief Innovation Officer, Brett Diamond shares:

“We went in thinking this is going to cure our problem for workforce planning, but what we got out of it went into the realm of HR and talent recruiting. We have a separate platform that our recruiters and house recruiters will use to look at what needs we have coming up. We can cross-reference job openings in that platform with Bench. I can look at the recruiting platform and see what the openings are. Then, I can go back to Bench and see where the projects are, what openings need to be filled, the accuracy of the data, and if we’re trying to hire too many or too few. The insights are beyond what we thought we were buying when we originally signed on.”

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The Boldt Company

Echoing the value of DeAngelis, Boldt has discovered cross-functional value in Bridgit Bench. Andy Sparapani, a Project Technology leader, emphasizes Bench’s role in strategic discussions with their Business Development and HR teams:

“HR and Business Development both have access to Bench and they can see the staffing changes as well as trends, and it leads to a conversation around business development and available resources and how that affects speeding up and slowing down in certain areas. HR can see the number of needed roles climbing and the number of available people not matching that and initiate the conversation [around recruiting]. It creates proactive engagement as opposed to a reactive one on hiring, which is more burdensome and more expensive.”

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Schimenti Construction Company

Sharing this sentiment, Daniel Barry, VP of Operations at Schimenti Construction Company, told us how Bridgit Bench has been instrumental in their responsible growth strategy:

“Bridgit Bench really paints a picture of what we need to fill these slots with the right people. At Schimenti, we continue to grow, but a big thing we always say is we grow responsibly. Bridgit Bench helps us continue to grow responsibly and give HR the right facts so they know what we need and can go recruit the right people.”

Power Construction 

At Power Construction, Bridgit Bench has grown exponentially. Matt Walsh, Operations Technology Manager told us: 

“Bridgit Bench has had exponentially quick growth within the company. Accounting saw it and they wanted in. L&D saw it, they wanted in. HR is also asking to be integrated. That’s only happened with one other application within our company.”


SKYGRiD Construction’s HR Director, Grace Paladino, underscores how Bridgit Bench has improved clarity in their recruitment decisions due to enhanced project stage visibility:

“Because we have greater clarity about what stage in the project we are on and when resources will be available for another project, we can be confident regarding recruitment decisions.”

Columbia Construction 

The team at Columbia Construction has found Bridgit Bench instrumental in providing visibility into their workforce strategy across the organization. Shawn Gallant, VP of Corporate Development, explains:

“Pretty much all our department heads have access to Bridgit Bench with view-only permission. HR knows where people are working and marketing can dig into when jobs are finishing to create promotion plans. Even accounting has information without having to chase people down. They can just go into Bridgit Bench.”

GE Johnson

Lastly, Mike Dennis, Operations Manager at GE Johnson, shares how Bridgit Bench equips their HR team with precise insights about hiring needs and desired skills,

“It gives us the ability to quickly analyze where we’re at and the immediacy of where we need people. Our HR group knows what they need to in terms of how many new hires we need and what skills we’re looking for.”

These testimonials highlight Bridgit Bench’s significant impact on the collaboration between HR and Operations. It can help you transform strategic planning around your workforce, setting you up for proactive decisions and helping your construction company grow responsibly.

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