Top 10 Largest construction companies in Michigan

Explore Michigan's dynamic construction sector with a spotlight on the top 10 largest companies. Delve into influential projects, technological advancements, and community contributions, recognizing expertise that defines industry leaders shaping Michigan's future.

Top 10 Largest construction companies in Michigan

To say construction is a major industry in Michigan would be an understatement. Construction contributes billions of dollars to the state’s economy every year. Given the significance of construction companies in MI, it should come as no surprise that the state is home to a number of the largest ones.

Regardless, construction businesses in Michigan face incredibly stiff competition. With operations expanding or contracting depending on performance, it’s important for businesses to know what competitors exist and strive for excellence against them. Understanding who’s leading this charge gives invaluable insight into proven success strategies that have allowed these organizations to become such powerful players in Michigan’s landscape. 

This post will delve into each company. Keep reading to learn more about the largest construction companies in Michigan.

Largest construction companies in Michigan

1. Barton Malow Holdings LLC

Location: Southfield

Revenue in millions: 3,341.8

Atop the list of largest construction companies in Michigan, we have Barton Malow Holdings LLC, which consists of four companies:

  • LIFTbuild: A vertically integrated provider of building design, procurement, and assembly services.
  • Alltrade: A firm founded in Canada and acquired by Barton Malow Holdings LLC in 2019. Alltrade’s services include EPC, preconstruction, building information modeling, value engineering, and construction management.
  • FlyPaper Technologies: A technology company aimed at streamlining computer-related processes for construction companies (i.e., superintendent daily reporting).
  • Barton Malow Foundation: A community-focused foundation through which Barton Malow has been donating 5% of its annual earnings to charity since 1954.

Sectors Barton Malow Holdings LLC’s services include:

  • automotive
  • energy
  • commercial
  • higher education
  • healthcare
  • infrastructure
  • entertainment

Barton Malow has also received numerous awards for its work in Michigan’s construction industry, including:

  • Metro Detroit’s Best + Brightest Companies to Work For
  • Best Urban BMP in the Bay Area (BUBBA)
  • Excellence in HR
  • ENR Excellence in Safety

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2. Walbridge

Location: Detroit

Revenue in millions: 2,262.3

Walbridge is next on the list of top construction companies in Michigan. Founded in 1916, the company has grown to work on international projects worth millions of dollars.

They offer services in the following:

  • preconstruction
  • data and modeling
  • process engineering
  • equipment installation
  • real estate
  • site selection

They’ve also received various accolades, including: 

  • Supplier of the Year by General Motors
  • The Overdrive Award
  • The Diversity and Inclusion World Excellence Award

3. The Christman Co.

Location: Lansing

Revenue in millions: 1,078.3

The Christman Co. was founded in 1894 and is one of the largest commercial general contractors in Michigan. With satellite offices in Grand Rapids, Detroit, Dallas, Knoxville, and more, this company has over 100 years of experience handling major commercial projects.

They service the following industries:

  • healthcare
  • real estate
  • transportation
  • retail and hospitality
  • recreation

Christman Co.’s portfolio includes these prominent projects:

4. Wieland

Location: Lansing

Revenue in millions: 665.5

Founded in 1958, Wieland is another one of our Lansing-based construction companies in Michigan. They pride themselves on providing cost-effective solutions to clients.

Their services include:

  • preconstruction and estimating
  • site selection
  • assistance with economic development
  • LEED building

Listed on their website are the many accolades they’ve received, some of which are the following: 

  • Engineering News Record (ENR) Top 400 Contractors for 9 years
  • Project of the Year by Voxx Hirschmann North America
  • Largest Projects of 2014 in the San Diego Business Journal

5. Clark Construction

Location: Lansing

Revenue in millions: 439

On our list of construction companies in MI is Clark Construction, established shortly after the end of World War II. Recognized on a national scale, this company has offices all across Michigan and has completed many award-winning projects.

Their services include (but are not limited to):

  • design assist
  • lean construction
  • preconstruction
  • program management
  • self perform
  • virtual design and construction (BIM)

Having built for more than 60 years, Clark Construction has completed numerous projects, some of which are the following:

6. Aristeo Construction Company

Location: Livonia

Revenue in millions: 412.4

Aristeo Construction Company is another company of general contractors in Michigan, founded in 1977. It’s a family-owned firm, with its current president (Michelle Barton) being the daughter of co-founder Agostino Aristeo, Sr.

The Livonia, Michigan-based company provides many services throughout the United States, including:

  • preconstruction
  • self-perform
  • specialty contracting
  • design-build
  • construction management
  • general contracting

Aristeo Construction is recognized among the top construction companies in Michigan, with several awards, including:

  • Toyota Excellent Supplier Award for Construction, Machine, & Equipment
  • Chicago Assembly Outstanding Contribution Award
  • Michigan Award of Excellence (Michigan Concrete Association)
  • Build Michigan Award for Construction Excellence

7. Granger Construction Company

Location: Lansing

Revenue in millions: 401

Next on our list of the largest general contractors in Michigan, we have Granger Construction Company. At the helm are Alton Granger (Chairman) and Glenn Granger (President/CEO).

The family-owned firm was founded in 1959 and has grown into one of the top construction companies in Michigan, providing services such as:

  • lean construction
  • preconstruction
  • mission-critical construction
  • self-perform

Granger Construction Company serves several sectors, including:

  • education
  • healthcare
  • industrial
  • judicial
  • commercial
  • public

8. Rockford Construction Company

Location: Grand Rapids

Revenue in millions: 396.7

Rockford Construction is a real estate development and property management company serving several sectors, including:

  • culture
  • healthcare
  • hospitality
  • education
  • multi-family residential
  • retail
  • sports
  • industrial

It’s one of the top construction companies in Michigan due to employing more than 300 people and working on a number of major projects, including:

9. Commercial Contracting Corporation

Location: Auburn Hills

Revenue in millions: 382

Commercial Contracting Corporation isn’t just one of the top construction companies in Michigan—the firm also has historical provenance, having helped General Motors convert its auto manufacturing plants during World War II.

The firm has maintained its reputation for handling complex construction projects in a variety of sectors, including:

  • automotive
  • education
  • healthcare
  • petro-chemical
  • research and development
  • transportation

Commercial Contracting Corporation’s list of completed projects is equally impressive and includes:

Commercial Contracting Corporation has received a number of awards, including:

  • INTEX Achievement Award
  • Thomas J. Reynolds Award for Excellence in Construction Safety & Health
  • Supplier of the Year (Chrysler)
  • High Performance Builder (Butler Buildings)
  • Outstanding Project of the Year (NAWIC)

10. Pioneer Construction

Location: Grand Rapids

Revenue in millions: 295

Pioneer Construction was established in 1933 as Beckering Construction Company before the name change in 1962. Among the construction companies in MI on this list, this firm is especially focused on providing technological solutions in building, incorporating techniques such as BIM coordination, virtual walkthrough, 3D reality capture, and more.

The firm describes itself as full-service, offering among many services:

  • general contracting
  • preconstruction planning
  • architecture and engineering
  • commercial interiors
  • sustainable and LEED construction

The firm has also won awards for excellence, some of which include: 

  • The Excellence in Construction Award
  • Michigan Contractor of the Year
  • Safety Award of Excellence

Facts about Michigan’s construction sector

Now that you know the best construction companies in Michigan (ranked by revenue), here’s some additional information about the state’s construction industry, based on data compiled by Michigan Construction.

Spending and workforce allocation by sector

The state of Michigan has four major construction sectors. Spending is split between them as such:

  • Residential: 40%
  • Commercial: 33%
  • Infrastructure: 17%
  • Industrial: 10%

Construction workers in Michigan are split between the various sectors in the following way:

  • Residential: 39%
  • Commercial and Industrial: 47%
  • Infrastructure: 14%

Specialization of construction workers in Michigan

The vast majority of construction workers in Michigan are trades workers, with over 150,000 workers. Here’s how other specialties compare:

  • Architecture, Design & Engineering (AEC): 28,000+
  • Equipment, Materials & Supplies: 25,000+
  • Construction Management: 10,000+
  • Testing & Inspection: 2,000+

Michigan’s lost decade

From 2006 to 2010, Michigan’s construction industry shed workers, with the number of employed professionals and general contractors in Michigan falling from 178,400 to 120,000. The number of employed construction workers in Michigan didn’t approach 2006 levels again until 2016.

The reasons for this decline align with the factors behind the national construction industry’s labor shortage (i.e., young adults pursuing other professions). Michigan also has some additional context: as part of the Rust Belt, it’s been experiencing a decline in the industry and population since the 1980s.

Unionized vs. non-union workers

The overwhelming majority (86.1%) of construction trades professionals in Michigan are non-unionized.

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