The benefits of collaborative construction software

The construction industry is constantly evolving whether it’s new ways to build, better equipment and technology, new approaches to resource management, or an increase in the complexity of projects. This evolution of the industry has led to collaborative efforts being increasingly important to project success.

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3 Ways to get your team involved for collaborative workforce planning

In a lot of cases, construction workforce planning is still being managed by one or two members of the operations team using a series of spreadsheets or whiteboards. However, as the construction industry is continually shifting towards more collaborative technology, the need for web-based and mobile applications for workforce planning, like Bridgit Bench, has increased substantially.

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Bridgit at ENR FutureTech 2019

This past week, some of the Bridgit team attended the ENR FutureTech conference in San Francisco, California. It is one of the biggest expos of construction tech, and the ENR 400 list is basically like Forbes for the construction industry – it’s the place to be, especially with a new product on our hands.

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