Nemanja Simic

A winning combination: integrating workforce planning and project management

Effective project management in construction demands an understanding of how workforce planning influences the success of projects. The challenge is balancing project schedules with labor availability while maintaining tight control over budgets and deadlines. It requires foresight, strategy, and a grasp of the nuances that come with each project and team member. This article will

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Cost-efficient labor planning with Bridgit Bench

Aligning your workforce capabilities with project demands is the key to cost-efficient labor planning. In construction, you face the dual challenge of avoiding labor shortages, delaying projects, and excessive staffing that can inflate costs unnecessarily. The good news is that labor costs can be one of the most controllable costs on the balance sheet.  This

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Tech fatigue in construction

We talk a lot about construction lagging behind other industries regarding technology adoption. I’m not so sure that’s the case anymore. At ENR Futuretech this year, I was struck by the sheer number of software vendors pitching their solutions. Dozens of booths promise greater efficiency, streamlined processes, and the potential to revolutionize how we approach

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The unique challenges of specialty contractors in workforce planning

The unique challenges of specialty contractors

Addressing the challenges of specialty contractors goes beyond general construction needs. Their niche expertise demands detailed workforce planning, tight coordination, and adaptability. Let’s dive into what sets them apart and how they can navigate these unique hurdles. Workforce planning for specialty contractors Specialized Skill Sets Required Specialty contractors require individuals with skills tailored to specific

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The cost of money

We know construction has faced a myriad of challenges over the past couple of years brought on by the pandemic. The industry grapples with turbulent prices, a scarcity of skilled labor, and rising borrowing costs. It goes without saying that this leads to rising construction costs, skewed project timelines, and the inviability of projects. 

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Better business decisions with Bridgit Bench 

Modern contractors thrive when making data-driven decisions. One of the biggest question marks in terms of quality data in construction revolves around the workforce, its availability, and where it needs to be. Using spreadsheets to make key business decisions about allocating people to jobs, communicating updates, and forecasting future labor demands is like trying to juggle underwater, it just can’t happen.

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Using analytics to enhance workforce planning for specialty contractors

Illustration of graphs and analytics

For specialty contractors, a large portion of success hinges on the ability to field the right team for the job. From managing multiple projects to dealing with skills shortages, the challenges are abundant. A key to navigating these challenges lies in effective workforce planning. Knowing who you have, what they can do, and where they can best be assigned. 

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Mitigating risk with accurate preconstruction data

Pie chart and checklist design

Having access to accurate and reliable preconstruction data is the equivalent of having a detailed roadmap for a long journey. This data, encompassing a variety of elements from cost estimates and site conditions to workforce availability, lays the foundation for every successful construction project. It’s an invaluable tool that guides key decisions, shapes strategies, and helps anticipate challenges.

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