Nemanja Simic

Upskilling and reskilling your workforce during a recession

Just like being data-driven as a company has to come from the top down in order to become a part of your firm’s culture, so does the focus on expanding your people’s skill sets. When you hire new employees it should be understood quickly that they have avenues for growth, and they can seek out new project experience and general job training. 

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Construction has changed a lot in 10 years. So why hasn’t the workforce planning process?

Bridgit was founded 10 years ago. A construction technology company dedicated, at its core, to solving real problems in the industry. We’ve spoken to hundreds of contractors since then and have seen the desire for Design-Build (DB) contractors increase, and with the influx of money coming into infrastructure over the next few years, it’s expected

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Using data to reduce your construction skills gaps

With an aging pool of skilled workers and a huge demand for labor, it’s important that contractors create a strategy to foster and develop their people using actionable data so they can close skills gaps.

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