The 4 key benefits of automated resource planning for specialty contractors

The 4 key benefits of automated resource planning for specialty contractors

Managing resources for specialty contractors is no easy feat. With multiple projects on the go and schedules constantly changing, managing resources can be incredibly tedious and time consuming. With so many moving parts, this process has traditionally been done using a combination of different tools including:

  • Pen and paper
  • Post-its
  • Whiteboards
  • Spreadsheets

While specialty contractors have been able to manage their resources this way for decades, it also contributes to a disjointed process. This has been particularly troublesome with the decline in labor availability due to COVID-19.  Regardless of a global pandemic, having a scattered resource planning process only helps to magnify the difficulties of managing a workforce effectively.

Construction technology has come leaps and bounds in recent years. That includes resource management. These tools are built to help drive operational efficiency in a dynamic working environment and break down information silos. Cloud-based tools are especially useful as they’re updated in real time to ensure everyone is on the same page and speaking the same language.

In this blog, we’ll explore the key benefits of using automated resource planning for specialty contractors.

4 Key benefits of automated resource planning for specialty contractors

More efficient resource planning process

 We’ve all heard the saying “on time and under budget” in construction and specialty contracting. The reason for that is simple – successful construction is all about efficiency. Automated resource planning tools, like Bridgit Bench, were designed to drive efficiency right from the planning stage of a project.

Finding the right person for a project can be a difficult task. It requires consolidating information about your team members and ensuring they have the right availability and skill sets. By using an automated tool, however, that information is surfaced immediately. Your operations team can also customize the tool to provide an even more granular view of your people and projects.

Working out of multiple offices? No problem. You can quickly apply filters to ensure you’re only allocating people from the right region or territory.

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More effective workforce strategy

One of the key issues with utilizing white boards and spreadsheets for resource planning is the lack of workforce insights. It’s near-impossible to understand how your team is being utilized and if you’re taking on any unnecessary costs by not fully utilizing your team members.

Automated resource planning tools help to fill that gap with insight into utilization rates and helping to forecast future project demand. This helps to create an optimized workforce strategy and make informed recruitment decisions. It also helps to better understand the impact future bids and pursuits will have on your resource strategy.

On top of high-level workforce insights, automated resource planning tools, like Bridgit Bench also help to track skills and experience. By tracking this information you’re better suited to build strong project teams that can meet the project requirements. It also helps to identify top performers that can provide experiential learning to less experienced team members to help with their career development.

Even tracking data as simple as your team members address can help to assign them to projects close to home and reduce travel time. While this may seem like a minor detail, your team will  appreciate that it’s considered and will be more engaged with the work at hand. Get to know about the benefits of effective construction team planning meetings as well.

Forward looking workforce strategy

One of the key benefits of using an automated tool is being able to visualize your entire project pipeline, including future bids and pursuits. Being able to identify project demand for the months and years ahead helps to better prepare a workforce strategy that gets the most out of your team.

Some resource planning tools will also offer forecasting abilities to help you dial in on specific timeframes to better understand how your team is being utilized. Bridgit Bench, for example, provides insight into your workforce utilization up to five years in advance. You can also apply filters for specific regions or titles to narrow your focus to a specific work team. Then, you can compare their utilization rates across the rest of your pipeline.

Controlled transparency

Once you’ve made the switch to an automated resource management tool, your data will be secured. Meaning users won’t be able to access your workforce data without being given the appropriate permissions. This level of controlled transparency means there is no need to store private information on multiple platforms or spreadsheets.

Tools like Bridgit Bench allow specialty contractors to create custom permission groups to provide limited access to their larger team. This also helps to improve collaborative efforts. You can comfortably provide more access to your workforce planning process without risking anyone seeing sensitive information not meant for them.

Bridgit Bench is the leading workforce intelligence solution for specialty contractors. It allows our clients to narrow in on the granular details of their workforce strategy without sacrificing the holistic views. It allows for full customization to ensure the right people are being assigned to the right projects, and forward looking insight to ensure project requirements are always being met. For additional resources, visit our blog.

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