The Bridgit core values

The Bridgit core values

Our core values are what guides our work, unites us as a team, and defines who we are as a top player in both the technology and construction industries. We wanted to highlight our core values here, but also dive a little deeper into the meaning of each and provide a little context from our team about how these core values help to inform the work we do.

1. Deliver results, fast

Delivering results fast isn’t just about putting your head down and hammering your way through the tasks for the week. The important piece to this puzzle is delivering results. It’s one thing to get work done quickly, but delivering results requires a deeper understanding of the work that needs to be done to meet a desired outcome and prioritizing tasks accordingly. 

We’ve broken this down into three sections:

Be accountable – Accountability at Bridgit is all about owning your role, setting objectives, using your judgement to prioritize work, and identifying and eliminating roadblocks. That means owning up to mistakes, while also working with a sense of urgency and not leaving for tomorrow what can be done today.

Be resourceful – Resourcefulness is about finding new ways around a problem when dealing with limited resources. In some cases this means embracing weakness and using creative solutions to meet, and exceed, expectations. 

Be adaptable and resilient – Construction technology is growing fast and priorities and strategies can shift quickly. Being adaptable and resilient means we’re comfortable shifting gears and are able to thrive in the chaos. We use critical thinking to take calculated risks, and don’t take it personally when priorities shift away from work being done.

“My teammates are talented, ambitious, and empower and support you to be the same. We really look out for each other. Bridgit is a great place if you want to be part of a power-team that sets goals and knocks them out of the park.”

2. Fixate on the customer

One of the keys to success at Bridgit is taking a customer-first approach to everything we do, regardless of department, and working backwards from there. We deliver value to our customers by:

  • Always going out of our way to provide the best experience – not just with our software, but with every interaction our customers have with us
  • Seeking to better understand our customers, their world, and their needs 

3. Be open, be honest

Working at Bridgit is all about leaving our egos at the door. The best way to learn and improve is to be reflective, identify areas for self-improvement, and admit when mistakes are made and learn from them.

The biggest benefit of leaving our egos at the door is that it allows us to more openly solicit feedback from others and gain diverse perspectives on a problem before jumping to conclusions with our solutions. Being open and honest also helps to build stronger relationships both internally and externally.

“I have worked at Bridgit for several years now and I absolutely love it. Our leadership is extremely capable but also down to earth and approachable. Over the last several years, Bridgit has attracted and retained many very experienced leaders across multiple departments, and team members are given a lot of autonomy to own their roles and make their own decisions.”

4. Win or lose together

At Bridgit we firmly believe that we act as a single unit, all pulling together in the same direction. For our team that means understanding the difference between what’s best for the company and what’s best for ourselves as professionals and choosing to put Bridgit first. 

We don’t point fingers at each other. We don’t all think alike, but we work together towards a common goal. We pitch in and support each other and understand that no job is beneath us, and we do our best to remain calm and collected under pressure. We want everyone to feel supported and that they can count on, and be counted on, by their team when times get tough.

5. Never stop learning

While the culture at Bridgit is supportive and team-oriented, we also count on our team members to challenge each other and continually raise the bar with what we can achieve. That means keeping a growth mindset and constantly seeking opportunities to better ourselves in our roles at Bridgit.

We want our team to treat learning as a lifelong process and look for ways to improve our understanding in all areas of both the construction and technology industries.

“The people I work with day-to-day are fantastic. Bridgit has been described to me by a co-worker as “all the kids who actually cared about the class project found each other.” Getting to work on a team full of people who are eager to try things, learn, set, and hit our goals is what keeps me engaged. We’re also in a period of employee growth, which means everyone is eager to bring on people who bring unique perspectives and experiences to our work. At Bridgit, I genuinely feel like those things are valued.”

If you’re interested in learning more about being a Bridgitron, we’d love to hear from you! Check out our current job postings, or feel free to reach out to Daphne from our talent team at

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Daphne Gorman

Daphne Gorman is the Talent Acquisition Lead at Bridgit. With over 16 years of experience recruiting and retaining top talent, Daphne understands how important an inclusive culture is to the recruitment process and maintaining an engaged workforce.

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