Your guide to roofing contractor software

Your guide to roofing contractor software

From invoicing to workforce management, roofing contractor software fulfills many valuable needs. Keep reading to learn about the 10 best applications and how they can help your business.

What is roofing contractor software?

Roofing contractor software can take many forms. Invariably, however, it helps roofing companies manage their operations, including processes such as:

Any given roofing management software program will typically handle one of the above aspects and integrate with related applications. For example, a roofing company may have one program for workforce scheduling, another for invoicing, and so forth. 

While this may sound like a hassle, the modular nature of roofing company software is actually advantageous. You can choose individual applications that meet your company’s needs and integrate them into a full management suite rather than having to find a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none solution.

Benefits of using roofing company software

Next, let’s discuss why roofing contractors are increasingly investing in dedicated software rather than general solutions (i.e. Excel).


Dedicated software will help you maintain a single source of truth, making everything from invoicing to workforce data analysis much easier. Keep your staff members on the same page with centralized, cloud-based software. No more emailing spreadsheets back and forth!


Labor is often the most expensive component of a roofing company’s budget. Dedicated roofing management software helps professionals monitor workforce allocations to ensure a positive return on this investment. It can highlight inefficiencies that, if left unaddressed, would cause cost overruns and negatively impact company profitability.


Related to the previous point, roofing company software can help you attribute hours more accurately, keeping your payroll documents in good order.


Roofing company software doesn’t just help with internal operations. Programs that streamline processes such as invoicing can also help your company develop a positive reputation. Clients will appreciate the ease of doing business with you once your processes are more organized.


Organized processes will help your laborers understand exactly what they need to do and when. That means they’ll spend less time standing around waiting for instructions on job sites.

10 Best roofing contractor software programs


Bridgit Bench is our workforce management program designed specifically for construction contractors (including roofers). It allows you to very clearly see where resources are currently allocated. Consequently, you can gauge whether your schedules are efficient or would cause conflicts.

Other features of Bridgit Bench include:

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FCS Roofing Software is a cloud-based program designed to help contractors manage processes such as sales, recruiting, and financial analysis. It offers unique solutions for residential and commercial roofers, addressing the differences in scale between the two.

Learn more about FCS Roofing Software and request a demonstration.


Dataforma was built to help roofers, HVAC technicians, and similar field contractors manage customer relationships, work orders, GPS equipment tracking, inspections, and much more. These solutions exist as individual components of the overarching system, allowing you as a contractor to pick and choose.

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Whether you specialize in small roofing projects are large ones, accurate estimates are important. In fact, this is true of all contractors; according to a survey, as few as two inaccurate estimates could put 25% of construction companies out of business.

Thankfully, EstimateGenius exists to help subcontractors (i.e. excavators, landscapers, masons, HVAC technicians, and – of course – roofers) forecast costs and prepare estimates.

Other features include:

  • built-in email and fax capabilities for bid documents (i.e. RFIs, RFQs, and proposals)
  • detailed bidding and proposal data analysis
  • bid calendars


PlanSwift is a construction takeoff and estimating program designed for contractors in various trades, including:

  • concrete work
  • flooring
  • electrical work
  • plumbing
  • landscaping
  • HVAC installation and maintenance

PlanSwift has received praise (including from SoftwareAdvice) for its ease-of-use, customer support, and drag-and-click interface. You can use it to measure not just square footage but also linear spaces.


iRoofing strives to be an all-in-one solution for several processes, including measuring, managing customer relationships, and ordering products from distributors.

While such comprehensive systems run the risk of only being efficient at one or two things, iRoofing’s reviews highlight it as a notable exception. Note, however, that it lacks some key features required for running a roofing contractor business, such as:

  • accounting
  • dispatching
  • invoicing
  • time tracking

Learn about iRoofing’s pricing.


While iRoofing crams tons of functionality into a single package, Jobber takes a different approach with three tiers:

  • Core (invoicing, scheduling, and quoting for a single user)
  • Connect (process and team management for seven users)
  • Grow (sales and marketing automation tools for as many as 30 users)

Jobber has also made our list of the 10 best general contracting software programs, which is a reflection of its versatility and scalability.

Learn more about Jobber and its features.


While many of the programs on this list target contractors of all types, Centerpoint Connect is a web application built specifically for roofers. Its features include:

  • customer relationship management
  • project inspections
  • after-sales service rendering
  • project management

Sign up for a free demonstration of Centerpoint Connect.


Mosaic Enterprise Suite is a powerful and highly-rated system built for managing human resources, documents, time tracking, drawings, and more. It’s offered by Plexxis, the renowned construction software company.

Specific contractors targeted include:


Last but certainly not least on our list of roofing contractor software programs, we have AccuLynx. It’s another all-in-one solution designed to help roofers win and subsequently manage contracts. AccuLynx also integrates with a number of other programs, including:

  • QuickBooks
  • ABC Supply
  • HomeAdvisor
  • SalesRabbit
  • Google Maps
  • Greensky (for customer financing)
  • GAF Leads

Request a demo of AccuLynx.

When it comes to roofing management software, you have many options to choose from. We hope the above list has given you some ideas in regards to assembling the ideal suite. For more construction management tips and recommendations, visit our blog.

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