How Bridgit’s co-founders tapped into a market ignored by tech

View article Entrepreneurship taught Bridgit COO Lauren Lake to never assume she knows more about a problem than someone living it every day. In a recent interview for the #CIBCInnovationEconomy podcast series, Lake shared more about Bridgit’s founding story and how the company discovered its niche. “We knew right from day one that we were never going

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Bridgit founders bridge the gap between construction and technology

Bridgit co-founders Lauren Lake and Mallorie Brodie

View article When you first think of construction, you might think hard hats, work boots and cranes. Those aspects are crucial to the industry, but there’s plenty going on behind the scenes of a typical jobsite. The founders of a local technology firm didn’t just find their niche in the construction world, they’re revolutionizing the space. Mallorie

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TrueNorthTV: Talking strong foundations in construction and tech with Mallorie Brodie

Mallorie Brodie on True North TV

Innovating isn’t easy. Especially when you’re trying to replace pen and paper in one of the world’s largest industries—commercial construction. With rebar and concrete in their DNA, Mallorie Brody and Lauren Lake have built their startup Bridgit Solutions into one of the leading construction software companies in North America. CEO and co-founder Mallorie Brodie joins Iain Klugman on Tuesday, Nov. 10 for the next #TrueNorthTV to talk about COVID-19’s effects on the industry, raising capital during the pandemic and the importance of diversity for the Bridgit team. This episode is brought to you by @TD_Canada.

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The 22 startups that Salesforce has bet on during the pandemic, including cybersecurity, commerce, and sales engagement firms

Salesforce office

Bridgit makes construction resource management software. Salesforce Ventures participated in a $7 million funding round led by Autodesk earlier this year and was also an investor in a $4.7 million round last year. Its one of the handful of construction tech companies Salesforce has invested in. 

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Bridgit Bench optimizes construction workforce management in the cloud

Bridgit Bench Construction Resource Planning Tool

There has been a lot of talk about the labor shortage facing the construction industry in the past few years, which makes it even more important for your company to properly manage the team members it currently has. Typically, workforce resource management is completed in spreadsheets — if completed at all – many times leading to overworked or underworked staff.

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Top 50 construction influencers

Top 50 Construction Influencers

Construction is in the midst of a transformation, and these 50 influencers are the ones determining where it’s headed. They shape trends and the overall pulse of the industry; they’re responsible for designing, building, and manufacturing projects around the world. They include executives at general contractors and subcontractors, technology innovators, association leaders, and more.

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The ConTechCrew 238: “You can’t boil the ocean all at once!” with Mallorie Brodie from Bridgit

Mallorie Brodie joins ConTechCrew

Construction is the world’s oldest industry but spends the least amount of money on innovation. When we realized people outside and inside the industry, did not typically associate with technology like virtual reality, apps, and robotics, we started The ConTechCrew. Each week we bring our listeners the latest in ConTech news and interview the minds behind the technological innovations, changing the way we build.

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Bridgit Bench helps contractors modernize workforce planning

Man on laptop using Bridgit Bench

About 50 staff, Mallorie Brodie says, is the point it becomes extremely tough for operations managers to keep on top of their on-site employees. At that stage, the traditional spreadsheet method for tracking what workers are on what job, who has the right experience to step into a role and what members of the team are over- or under-burdened, starts to break down, the CEO and co-founder of Bridgit Inc. says.

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