Bridgit updates

Why our customers love Bridgit Bench

At Bridgit, we’re always looking for ways to better understand our customers and what effective workforce management looks like for them. In fact, we’re kind of obsessed with it. It’s one of the main reasons Bridgit Bench is the leading workforce intelligence solution in construction today. We put our customers and their problems first, and then work backwards from there to deliver features and updates that solve for them.

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Our $24 Million CAD Series B

Today we announce a $24M Series B. This is the next step in a journey that has seen tremendous growth since the launch of Bridgit Bench in 2019. Our goal at Bridgit has always been to do something big and to do it our own way. With a unique product, a loyal customer base, and an all-star team, Bridgit has the foundation to get there. This funding is fuel we’re adding to the fire. Go big or go home!

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What’s new in Bridgit Bench | A look back at summer 2021

Here’s a look back at all the Bridgit Bench updates you may have missed this quarter. Bridgit Bench now allows you to add real-time updates, communicate role assignments, expand your forecasting capabilities, and add attachments to people profiles. With Smart Suggestions, get recommendations on role allocations. Our revamped integration with Procore makes it easier to transfer more data from Procore into Bridgit Bench.

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