Get ahead of your people planning using our new advanced forecasting upgrades

Get ahead of your people planning using our new advanced forecasting upgrades

It’s not easy looking 6 months into the future

Construction projects are changing all the time. It’s tough to keep up with what’s going on right now, let alone plan for the future. We hear from customers about how tough it can be to have the information needed to plan even 6 months ahead. Forget planning 1 year in advance. 

A while ago, we introduced the Strategic Workforce Plan Report. The report lets you keep track of when you have too many projects and not enough people, or when you have too many people and not enough projects. 

We soon after introduced Scenario Planning for the report. You were now able to see the impact of project pursuits on your workforce capacity.

But with the upgrade came new ideas from our customers. 

Could we see the impact of our project pursuits on the Utilization Rate Chart?

Planning ahead is easy with Bridgit Bench Forecasting 

We’re excited to announce our expansion of Scenario Planning for the Utilization Rate Chart. With Scenario Planning, you can now see the impact of your project pursuits on both your workforce capacity and workforce productivity. 

In addition, we introduced pursuits to our Utilization Rate Chart, meaning you’ll visibly see how your utilization is impacted by the project pursuits you’re tracking in Bridgit Bench.

We also introduced robust filtering options. You can now filter by any Project field or any People field (including custom fields). 

That means you can break these reports down by office or region to focus on a specific segment.

With People and Project filters, you can get more varied insights into workforce productivity. Read our support page to learn more.

To learn about how you can use your data to get the unique insights needed to improve your people-related processes and people productivity, get a demo from our team.

Akshay Yeleswarapu

Akshay Yeleswarapu is the Senior Product Marketer at Bridgit. Armed with experience coordinating wastewater construction projects and leading product development in the HVAC industry, Akshay is working to equip construction firms with the tools necessary to accelerate growth.