Available now: People Gantt enhancements

Available now: People Gantt enhancements

TL:DR – Bridgit Bench now has new ways to leverage the People Gantt. You can search for specific team members, apply filters for specific fields to narrow your focus, and customize your People Gantt to provide visibility on all active and upcoming project allocations.

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The People Gantt in Bridgit Bench will give you accurate insight into the utilization of your team. It provides you with one simple visual that lets you see exactly what percentage your team members have been allocated at, which projects they’ve been allocated to, and anyone that may be over or under allocated. Having this clear visual allows you to look up to 5 years ahead and identify gaps in your workforce plan that indicate where a new project can be taken on. It also allows for you to identify trends in your workforce utilization – if you see lots of green you may want to pick up another project, seeing too much orange means you might be spreading your team too thin.

Filter your people gantt

You can search for an individual directly or any field associated with a person in the search bar, or apply filters like title and next availability to isolate specific groups you want to focus on. The People List is synced with your People Gantt, meaning you can search, sort, and filter from the People List and have those settings carry over to your People Gantt, and vice versa.

People gantt filters.png

Customize your people gantt

The new Gantt settings allow you to customize the information displayed on your People Gantt. You’ll find the Gantt settings on the right side of your Gantt view (displayed below). From here you can select your displayed time interval, apply quick filters on available team members and allocation issues, and customize your People Gantt view to include project allocations along with individual utilization.


For more information about the People Gantt, check out the Bridgit Help Desk.

Visualize your project allocations

Ask and you shall receive! The ability to customize the People Gantt views to include project allocations has been one of our most requested Gantt enhancements. Now, through the Gantt settings mentioned above, you can customize your People Gantt to display project allocations, individual utilization, or both. Clicking on a project will open the project modal, allowing you to easily manage your projects while staying anchored to your People Gantt (displayed below).


Hindsight is 20/20

The People Gantt also now displays six months of historical data. This allows you to better visualize and understand the context of your active project allocations.

If you love a Gantt as much as we do, take a look at the Project Gantt.

Direct access to your team member profiles

Recognizing opportunities for growth within your staff will help keep them more engaged in their work and excited for upcoming projects that provide meaningful work and experience. It just so happens you can access an individual’s profile directly from the People Gantt in Bridgit Bench. This allows you to check in on any number of people details including custom fields you’ll be encouraged to add. Details like “certifications” and “willingness to relocate” provide valuable insight when offering someone the opportunity for professional growth.

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Michel Richer

Michel is the Product Marketing and Content Manager at Bridgit where we build construction software solutions to help general contractors streamline their core processes with an emphasis on construction resource management and workforce planning. Bridgit’s flagship product, Bridgit Bench, helps general contractors with capacity planning, demand forecasting, and skills and experience tracking.